Dog laying on blanket next to football in front of backdrop of a football field.

Break out the snacks and put on your jerseys because it’s that time of year—football season. As you arrange your game day party plans and create spreads of tasty bites, remember to include your furry friend in the fun!

While most human treats are a no-go for sharing with your pup, there are some dog-friendly ones that will get tail wags of approval. Check out these festive, football-friendly options that are both safe and tasty for your pup to enjoy during the big game.

Remember to always get the green light from your vet before introducing new foods into your dog’s diet and serve in moderation.


Charcuterie boards are a popular party choice among the human crowd, but creating one for your dog can be a quick and tasty way to serve some of their favorite treats. Most charcuterie boards include a combo of cured meat, cheese, and fruit, and a dog-safe option can include many of the same things, just with some adjustments. If you drop the cured meat (because of the high sodium content) but keep the cheese and fruit, you’ll have a barkcuterie board ready to go!

As long as your furry friend is not lactose intolerant, add small slices of cheese as well as a combination of dog-safe fruit and vegetables onto a plate, board, or into separate bowls. You could even add some of their kibble, a dollop of xylitol-free plain Greek yogurt, or chopped turkey bacon. Get creative with it and add what you know your pup will enjoy.


It’s not game day without pizza! Although you may be tempted to share a slice with your dog or even hand them some pepperoni for them to enjoy, please remember that many of the ingredients in classic pizza recipes are harmful to dogs, such as the onion and garlic in the sauce and the often high levels of salt and oil.

For a dog-safe option, take small pieces of plain pita bread, spoon on unsweetened apple sauce or xylitol-free peanut butter, sprinkle a small amount of cheese on top, pop it in the microwave until the cheese melts, and wait until cool to serve. You can also add toppings like bacon or pineapple based on what your dog likes.


Most pet parents can attest that peanut butter is a hit among their furry friends. Why not try one of our go-to peanut butter treat recipes but with a football flair? Swap out the traditional bone-shaped cookie cutter and instead form the treats to resemble tiny footballs to add a festive touch to your game day celebration.


If you happen to have bacon on the menu for game day, set some aside and try this tasty bacon dog treat with pumpkin and oats added to the mix. Bacon that is enjoyed in moderation is often a doggy fan-favorite, whether baked into a treat or given on its own.

At Dogtopia, we’re fans of turkey bacon, especially when we hold our Makin’ Bacon events that support the Dogtopia Foundation. Turkey bacon can be a healthier alternative for dogs to enjoy. When you’re picking out your snacks, opt for a turkey bacon option that is uncured, low-sodium, and unseasoned.

Game day can be a party for all—your canine companion included! As you root for your favorite team, your pup can have a blast enjoying a new favorite snack.

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