mississauga dog boarding

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  1. Hi – My dog went to your Dogtopia for about a year and he loved it. My wife and I are nor about to go on vacation, and I wanted to ask you about having him stay over for about 7 days. I don’t know if there may also be a discount of any sort that we might be able to take advantage off.

    Our dog’s name is “Shao-Bao” and he’s a VERY mellow 9 year old border collie. He LOVEs food, but is in no way food aggressive. His favorite thing to do is lie on a patch of grass and people (or dog) watch). He goes to Dupont Vet Clininc.

    Anyway, his shots are all up to date and I believe they must have sone a behavioral assesment when he first started going there when he was one yera. (He went daily for we bought tha monthly plan). and he didn’t seem to want to go home. My only questions is: is there a grassy area where he can relaz sometimes? He as arthritis in his left, front, carpal. Other than an occacional counter surf or lookig for delicious chewing gum on ground, , he’s a WONDRFUL boy!