Have questions about what to expect when you take your dog to Dogtopia? See answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What happens if there’s an incident between my dog and another?
At Dogtopia, we strive to create a safe environment for dogs but we acknowledge that not every dog will get along. Our team is highly trained to understand dog body language, and if we see that an animal is becoming agitated and aggressive, we will take steps to remove that dog from the situation before it can escalate. Since our environment is like a child's daycare, we do acknowledge that the occasional squabble may break out. That's why we train our team to recognize these situations and remove a dog that may cause problems with other canines.
What does the meet and greet entail?
A meet and greet will be conducted on-site by one of our trained professionals with every dog before bringing them into a playroom. Our trained team with talk to the pet parent about the dog's history and health. Once complete, the dog joins our team member in a separate room to observe how they react when away from their parent. During this time, we will conduct a snout to tail assessment to identify sensitivities in touch that the dog may have. If a dog is sensitive to touch in one area this is not necessarily an issue, but it is important for their comfort that our team is aware of any sensitivities. We then begin bringing additional dogs into the controlled mini play area one at a time to assess the comfort level of the dog. Our team observes how the dog interacts with the other canines to determine their suitability for an open play environment. If for some reason the dog is not yet ready for open play, the team member will recommend steps the parent can take to help address the observed issue(s). Any dog is always welcome to come back for a follow-up evaluation after any issues have been addressed. This process assesses your dog's temperament and determines if Dogtopia's facilities will be a right fit for your pet.
How does mealtime work?
Food is prepared exactly as requested by each pet parent. Each location also provides in house lunch food at no extra charge for days when the lunch is forgotten.
What if I forget to bring my dog’s food or bedding?
Not to worry; most Dogtopia facilities come with a fully equipped boutique that supplies all your dog's needs, from food to bedding and much more at an affordable price.
I have an older dog, what steps will you take to ensure that they are comfortable?
Our playroom's flooring is made of compressed rubber, the same material they use in day cares for children. Not only does this protect the pads of dogs’ feet, it also provides a comfortable walking service for dogs suffering from hip dysplasia and other ailments.
What steps will you take to protect my dog’s health?
Unlike other dog care facilities, we separate our play areas with walls instead of chain link fences. Not only will this protect against airborne contagions, it will also prevent the overstimulation that may come from seeing dogs they cannot play with.
What are the benefits of dog daycare?
Besides giving you a safe environment to leave your dog in, it will also help with their socialization and help them to stay fit and active.
What boarding options are available?
We offer overnight and weekend boarding.
If my dog is staying at Dogtopia overnight or for a weekend, can I get them groomed as well?
Absolutely! We offer spa options as part of our boarding packages.
What if I just want to get my dog groomed without leaving them overnight?
We offer spa services by appointment as well. Some of our locations also offer grooming.
My dog is nervous about loud noises, what options do you offer for drying them?
We offer a number of options for drying your dog based on their noise tolerance. Choose from a crate hair dryer, a hand-held hair dryer or other options.