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Do you have a dog dad in your life deserving of appreciation for all the love, belly rubs, and care they give their pup daily? With Father’s Day around the corner, making crafts with your dog can be a heartwarming way of gift-giving for this special day. Need some ideas to get started? We’ve compiled a list of crafts you can prepare with your pup that any dog dad will love.


This craft involves peanut butter, so you already know your dog will be into it!

You’ll need:

  • A small blank canvas (a piece of blank paper also works)
  • A clear, sealable bag
  • Pet-safe paint
  • Peanut butter

First, add a few drops of paint around the canvas and place the canvas in a plastic bag. Using more colors will result in more vibrant artwork. Then, seal the bag to prevent any spills and spread peanut butter on top of the bag. From there, let the artist get to work. As your dog licks the peanut butter off the bag, the paint underneath will spread around the canvas. Once your dog has licked off all the peanut butter, remove the canvas from the bag and allow it to dry for a few hours. Not only is this a unique gift, but no two paintings will look alike, making it an exclusive art piece from pup to dog dad.


Your dog may not be able to hold a paintbrush, but with their paws, pet-safe paint, and a little help from you, you can make art together.

You’ll need:

  • Pet-safe paint
  • Paper or canvas
  • Markers or other painting supplies to add additional elements

Before starting, decide on which design you would like to create. For Father’s Day, you could make a piece that says “#1 Dog Dad,” incorporating your dog’s paw print as the “o” in “dog” or the “a” in “dad.” Paw prints also make adorable flowers—all you need to do is paint the stems and use the print as the bloom. Once you’re ready, pour enough paint onto a plate to dip your pup’s paw into. Carefully press their paw on the paper/canvas, like you would a stamp. To avoid adding unintentional art on the floors of your home, thoroughly clean off the paint from their paw(s) immediately.

Want to mix things up? Add your pup’s painted paw print to items like a coffee mug, apron, garden stone, T-shirt, or tote bag. Adding personalized paw touches on everyday items can make great gifts.


Choosing just one photo may be tricky about this craft, but a sweet photo with a decked-out frame can be a gift for a dog dad to display.

You’ll need:

  • A plain frame with a thick border
  • Hot glue gun
  • Items that reflect your family, your pup, and/or the dog dad in your life

A craft store is typically a great place to find miniature items you would add to a scrapbook; look for things like a mini ball to represent playtime, dog stickers, bones, etc. You can also add some cutout paw-print art to the frame so your pup can get involved. If you want to go further, you could set up a doggie photoshoot specifically for Father’s Day with themed backdrops and props. The options are endless!

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If you’re considering a practical gift that a dog dad can use daily, a DIY drink coaster that includes your dog’s participation is a great way to personalize the gift. There are several ways you can create a coaster, so the design and materials can be up to you. Using pre-cut cork can be a quick way to get started. Click here to see how you can make it.

The design added on top of the coaster is where your pup comes in. Whether it be abstract lick art or your pup’s paw print, creating a couple of different designs can make the coasters more unique.


Bring them to Dogtopia! We love adding enriching activities to our daycare dogs’ stay, including craft days where they can unleash their inner artist. Contact your local Dogtopia today to get their daycare journey started.

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