Pet parent and dog at front doors of Dogtopia with Dogtopia employee who is petting the dog

As a pet parent, you can’t always be by your dog’s side, whether it’s because you’re going on a family vacation, a quick work trip, or just a night out. Finding a reliable home away from home for your pup that you can trust—and where they’ll feel comfortable—can be daunting. That’s where Dogtopia comes in! We offer dog boarding and overnight stays in our state-of-the-art facilities with canine experts who provide quality care. Your dog will have the Most Exciting Day Ever, and you can rest assured they are in a safe, secure, and enriching environment.

But what makes our boarding service stand out from other places? Here are some of the benefits of booking your pup’s very own staycation at Dogtopia.


During the day, your dog will enjoy daycare in a safe, clean playroom with other pups that match their size and play style. Our spacious, off-leash, open-play environment ensures your furry family member feels free to roam and socialize with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) in a space supervised by our highly trained Canine Coaches, who are experts in dog behavior and body language.

With our team’s skillful attention, they can determine the dogs who need help “breaking the ice” to ensure the playtime vibes remain positive. Rather than being left alone all day, all boarding pups have fun with friends and the support and care of our Canine Coaches.

Unlike a standard kennel setup, which often rotates dogs in and out of play, your pup won’t spend large chunks of the day inactive, bored, crated, and unattended. Instead, Dogtopia prioritizes exercise, wellness, and, most importantly, fun! We ensure our furry guests are active through agility-focused exercises cleverly disguised as games, which are all facilitated and closely supervised by our team. Dogs enjoy 8-10 hours a day of structured play and exercise (many take up to 60,000 steps daily!), with breaks to recharge their batteries and chow down on their delicious lunch and snacks and receive medication (if needed) at no additional charge.

Your furry family member is guaranteed to get plenty of physical activity and enjoy the company of other friendly dogs while they stay at Dogtopia.

Let your dog live their best life


Feeling comfortable in a familiar environment is key to ensuring a positive overnight experience for all of our dogs. At Dogtopia, we provide roomy, home-style crates for our overnight guests to sleep in, located in the same playroom where they just spent the day.

Being alongside their furry friends as they sleep offers several benefits. Not only do they know other pups are nearby, creating a sense of comfort and security, but they can also see, smell, and hear them, which helps reduce feelings of fear and loneliness. After a full day of playing, learning, exercising, and socializing, dogs quickly drift off to dreamland. Sleeping in a familiar environment with their play group nearby can help promote even better rest.

If your dog prefers more privacy, we also have spacious luxury suites at select locations.


Because your pup will be around other dogs, we enforce health and safety requirements for all dogs in our care. You can ensure that each Dogtopia dog is fully vaccinated with all the necessary doggie vaccines (i.e., Bordetella, rabies, and DHPP—also known as distemper/parvo), spayed/neutered if seven months old and older, non-aggressive, in good health, and free of any contagious conditions. Additional vaccination requirements may be required at your local Dogtopia.

All these safety and health requirements are checked during each dog’s Meet & Greet evaluation, which our trained evaluators perform before any dog can enter a Dogtopia facility. Plus, because each dog will be in one of our crates for a mid-day nap and overnight (typically between 9:30 p.m. and 6 a.m.), we test their crate comfortability to help ensure a smooth experience.


When you board your pup at Dogtopia, we offer a full package of benefits that automatically correspond with their stay at no extra charge! We have live HD webcams in each playroom, so you can check in on your dog at your convenience during the day. No matter where you are, if you can access the internet, you can watch the livestream, which is available on our website and free mobile app. We recognize being away from your dog can be hard, so being able to see them play and interact with their furry friends helps with any separation anxiety you may be feeling. It will also be the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

Also included with their boarding stay is a feeding schedule that matches your preferences. During the day, pups are fed lunch and have time to chill from noon until 2 p.m. We ensure they are fed before they rest to ensure optimal time for digestion. You can bring your dog’s food from home so they eat something familiar, and we can prepare it exactly as requested. If you forget to bring yours, our centers can provide food and meals as needed. The team can also administer medication your pup may require at no additional cost.

Combined with all-day play at daycare, the activities we provide during the day are at no extra cost to you, unlike many of our competitors who charge for these services in addition to boarding.

We can’t wait to host the perfect staycation for your dog! To book your dog’s boarding stay, reach out to a Dogtopia near you for more information.