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The Best Pet Insurance for your dog

Did you know that pet insurance is like most other types of insurance? It’s there to help with expensive but necessary bills for your furry family member. In this case, it helps pay for many medical treatments your dog might need. Like other insurance, you pay a monthly premium, and if the treatment is covered by the plan, the insurer pays your vet bill (less any copay and deductibles).*

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Cost of Pet Insurance

We know keeping your dog happy and healthy is a top priority, and pet insurance is a smart move for pet parents. With the increasing cost of vet bills, spending around $30–$40 on a monthly premium can save you money in the long run if faced with a large vet bill for your dog.

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Compare Pet Insurance Quotes

To help you choose the right pet insurance plan for you and your furry child, Dogtopia has worked with petted.com to create this handy comparison tool. Simply answer a few questions and it will find the best plan for you in seconds.*

Please note: By clicking the link below, you are leaving Dogtopia and being directed to a third-party site to easily compare pet insurance companies.

*US only

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