First off, it’s important to consider the climate and environmental conditions of where you will be hiking. At Dogtopia, we make sure that all of our locations are outfitted with the basic canine first aid kit.

Non-sterile gauze sponges 200/pk 2
Instant cold pack 2
Gauze 2” sterile pack 4
Sterile saline wound wash 1
Hibiclens (chlorhexidine solution) 2
Bandage scissors 2
Tweezers 2
Disposable gloves (nitrile) 1
Cotton balls pack 1
Bacitracin ointment 2
Sterile saline drops (individual, disposable 5ml units) 20
Self adhesive wrap (vet wrap) 4
Benadryl (liquid and pill form) 1mg/lb 1 each
Paper tape 3
Styptic power 2


When it comes to more daring adventures, please make sure you have your pups updated on all vaccines (Leptospirosis) and are microchipped. This will be the best way to recover a lost dog. Hiking booties are a great idea in case of an injury and Musher’s Secret is a great product in cold weather to protect paw pads from icy conditions.