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A Rescue Dog Rescues a Woman from Grief

Six years ago I lost my sweet pup of almost 15 years, Teka. I loved her so much and she just got old and she could not go on any more.

After I lost her, the sadness was just so awful. I had seen a woman kissing her dog at my parents’ retirement home. I said, “You are so lucky to have your dog.” She said, “Yes, but I recently loss my dog and I adopted this little man and he changed my grief into happiness.” I told her about my Teka. She said, “You will always love her, but why don’t you adopt a rescue? Your Teka would love for you to do that.”

A couple months later, I was looking on Petfinder. My daughter showed me this sweet dog who was actually born in a Quebec shelter. They named her Emma. Half Bassett hound and half Golden. I adopted Emma at ten weeks old. I thought it could be a mistake as I was still so sad from losing my Teka. About three months in, I looked into my Emma’s eyes and I just knew I could not live without her and she without me.

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I really believe my Teka somehow made this happen. Emma really did rescue me. She taught me that I will always love my Teka. I think about her every single day. I also learned I can love a dog again and I do! Emma is the most loyal, loving, caring and sweet girl I could of ever imagined. She is the light of my day. She makes me laugh and loves me unconditionally She has taught me that even if I happen to be sad at times, I have to move and go outside. She looks at me with those big brown eyes and melts my heart.

Especially during this awful pandemic, what a joy she has and is! Life would not be as happy and fun without my girl. She is my love! To anyone who wants a dog. Emma will tell you please go to a rescue or shelter. You won’t be sorry. You will save a life. You will have love from a dog or cat who will make you happy every single day!!