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After Enduring Enormous Loss, A Shelter Dog Turns a Woman’s Life Around

A year before I met Renegade, I had a 60-day span where I had to say goodbye to my best friend Spartan, lost my grandmother, and was in a rollover car accident with a semi. I was broken-hearted and depressed and having trouble pulling myself out of it.

My friend convinced me to go and just visit the animal shelter. We saw Renegade and were told his story. He had been at the shelter three times and this time he’d been there for two months. When the volunteer brought him into the room to meet us, he ran up, licked my friend’s hand, then jumped across the table into my lap and was all kisses and happy energy. My friend turned to the volunteer and told them that this was the dog.

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The day I brought Renegade home I fell asleep on the couch and he laid down on top of me and went to sleep protecting me from anyone that may come to try to steal his new human away. I was told when I adopted him that he was a happy dog, but wasn’t an overly smart dog, and that most people were scared of him because of his size and breed.

We have put in a lot of hard work and are now on our way to getting his CGC! This dog is not built for running but he runs with me anyway and cuddles with me every night. Renegade wasn’t the dog I was looking for when I walked into the shelter that day, but he was the dog I needed to pull me through. And I was the person he chose to help him show the world what an amazing dog he is and be a great ambassador for bully breeds.

-Anna Marie S