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Dog Brothers Reunited at Dogtopia Daycare

At five months old Rocky began his daycare journey at Dogtopia of Springfield. Over the last year and a half, the Canine Coaches and team have loved watching him grow into a good pup, socializing with his BFFFs (best furry friends forever), learning good manners and burning his puppy energy during their fun activities.

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Little did they, Rocky or his pet parents know that going to daycare would change his life! Dogtopia of Springfield welcomed a daycare transfer from Dogtopia of Manassas, Milo. He quickly stood out to the entire team, not only because of his sweet and playful personality, but because he looked identical to one of their beloved pups, Rocky, who happened to be in daycare that day too. General Manager, Ashley, had to find out for herself if they could possibly be related and immediately began to research. She quickly discovered that they were from the same rescue and were the same age. These brothers had found their way back to each other at Dogtopia daycare!

The team was excited to reintroduce them to each other and brought Rocky and Milo into the playroom where the recognition was immediate as they happily greeted each other and started playing. There was no hesitation, they knew who each other was. Milo and Rocky are identical from head to toe and even have the same goofy play style, there was no denying that they were brothers. The team couldn’t wait to tell Rocky and Milo’s pet parents and share the reunion video on social media which warmed many hearts. It truly was the most exciting day ever at Dogtopia for Rocky and Milo!