Are you cooped up inside and looking for ways to keep your pup active? Ensuring your dog is getting exercise and playtime doesn’t have to be complicated. Below are three easy indoor dog games that will keep your dog happy, healthy and active.


Put a treat on the ground and point to it as you say “Find It.” When your dog eats the treat, put another treat on the ground, but place it further away and slightly out of sight (maybe behind the leg of a chair) then say “Find It” again. Praise your dog heavily when they find the treat. What’s next? Repeat! Once your dog understands the game, put them in their crate or in sit/stay in another room. Hide three to five treats. Release your pup and cheer them on as they search, find, and enjoy the tasty morsels you’ve hidden.


This game is fun for the whole family! It also helps to exercise your pup and teaches them to respond to their name. Put your dog in sit/stay or have a family member hold them. Find a place to hide. Set your pup up for success by initially hiding in a place where they can easily find you. Excitedly call your pup in a happy and upbeat tone. Keep calling until your pup finds you. When they do, give them a HUGE puppy party with lots of treats and praise; then hide again. As your pup gets better at the game, make it more challenging. Hide in a closet, under a bed, in an entirely different part of the house or even in the yard. The whole family can take turns hiding!

NOTE: If at any point your dog starts to panic or get stressed because they can’t locate you, come out of hiding and make the game easier the next time.


“Dance!” is great trick for both pet parents and dogs! It burns energy while increasing your dog’s responsiveness to your directions. It is also an entertaining trick to show off to friends and family during your next Facetime or Zoom session. Practice “Dance!” when your dog is excited and has some energy. It’s easy to get started! Take a yummy treat or favorite toy. Show your dog the treat or toy, then put it a few inches above their nose. Slowly move your hand in a circle. Calmly praise your dog as they turn to follow the toy or treat. If you get too excited your dog will stop following your hand to focus on you. Once your dog completes one rotation give them the treat or toy. Practice multiple times until your dog understands what you want. At this point, start to say “Dance!” before you move the treat or toy. As your dog gets better, have them do more multiple rotations before giving them their reward. How many circles will your dog do?

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