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July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day, a day dedicated to help educate dog and cat owners of the importance of fireproofing their place from their own pets. Did you know that nearly a 1,000 house fires are set by pets each year in North America? Here are some in-home safety tips that you can use to ensure your dog doesn’t accidentally set your house ablaze.

Dial Down the Stove

The National Fire Protection Association says that the number one cause of fires set by pets is the stove. Dogs that are tall enough to put their paws on a kitchen countertop may also be able to reach the knobs of your stove. Depending on the pressure sensitivity of the knobs, your pup could inadvertently turn on one of the burners and light something nearby on fire.

Dogs can be naturally curious, especially if you happen to leave something of interest on your countertop. To avoid your pup accidentally setting your kitchen ablaze, the safest option is to take off the knobs of the stove when you are out of the house.

Snuff Out the Candles

A room filled with candles is great for both ambiance and smell. However, candles can also be dangerous with a curious dog around. Whether they are investigating the interesting sights and smells or have an errant tail wag, they could accidentally knock over a candle and set fire to a couch, rug or curtains.

For dog owners with a desire to fill the room with candles, flameless versions have become relatively inexpensive and can reduce any chance of fire as they use LED lights instead of lit wicks.

Chew On This

In this electronic age, our homes are now filled with tempting-looking wires connecting our televisions and computers and charging our mobile devices. The problem is that these cords can be an enticing chew toy for certain breeds of dogs and especially puppies.

To make cords less tantalizing for your pup, ensure all types of wiring is fastened to the wall or floor.  There are also power bars, ties and socket plug-ins that can help tighten up any slack these wires may have that could create a temptation for a pup who’s hungry to chew on something.

You Can Lead a Dog to Water

With the warm weather, we spend more time outside gardening, barbecuing and just plain sun worshipping.  For these times, it’s a great idea to have your pup outside with you. In order to keep them hydrated, you will want to bring out a bowl of water for them.  But if those bowls are made of certain materials, they could be a potential fire hazard outside.

If your dog’s water dish is made of glass or metal, they could act like a magnifying glass with the suns’ beaming rays and start a fire on your wooden deck. Your best bet to keep your pup hydrated and your backyard oasis safe is to use either a ceramic or stainless steel bowl for water in order to avoid any possible flame-ups.

Easy to Rescue

In case of fire, as a dog owner you want to make it as easy as possible for your pup to be saved. A good way to do this is by purchasing a Pet Alert sticker and adding it to the window near your front door.  This will advise firefighters that there is a dog inside. Ensure the information is up-to-date with the correct amount of pets living in the house.

To further help rescuers, keep your dog’s collar and leash near the front door so they can be easily accessed in order to help lead your pup to safety during a time of crisis.