Learning positive behaviour

One of the biggest moments in pet parenthood is choosing the perfect name! Whether you had a flash of genius years before the big day or the moment you locked eyes, saying your dog’s name to them for the first time is a big deal. And once your dog knows their name, it’s an invaluable tool for health and happiness for the both of you.

Teaching a new name

Now, how do you make a name stick? A recent Q&A with Dogtopia’s Dog Behaviorist Colleen Demling has some helpful tips to get you started at home. Remember to pick a quiet place and repeat the name in a happy tone, and don’t forget treats for positive reinforcement.

Your doggie genius should have it down pat in a matter of days. And of course, our highly-trained Canine Coaches at Dogtopia are here to help with that too!

Identity as a valuable tool

It turns out that when your dog knows their name, you’re not the only one happier for it. The most important behavioral benefit of a responsive dog is safety. Once your pup knows their name, they’re more likely to listen and walk away from harmful situations or bad behaviors. Just keep your tone positive to avoid any negative associations.

That perfect name for your playful companion can also be a positive tool to make them feel more comfortable in new environments. If your dog has problems with socialization, saying their name can help them relax and build a positive response over time.

When everybody knows your name

Here at Dogtopia, it’s our mission to make every day the most exciting day ever, and their name is a big part of that! Our Canine Coaches can build trust faster and play better when they call your dog by name, and that means a happier pup overall with more BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever).

You spent all that time picking out the perfect name for your silly, cuddly, cheerful, furry child, and now we get the chance to put it to good use with endless days of play in our modern dog daycare facilities! It’s better when everybody knows your name.

Dogs learn lots of tricks and tools while at Dogtopia. Check out the other blogs in our series and contact your local Dogtopia daycare center for more details.