A hand holding a broccoli floret at a dog's mouth

Give your dog some safe greens to enjoy in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! Dogtopia has prepared a list of pup-approved and healthy green veggie treat swaps that will leave them begging for more.  

Green Peas 

Whether they’re fresh, frozen, or thawed, green peas are a tasty alternative to various fatty treats and are packed with vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber. The best kinds of peas for your dog are snow peas, snap peas, and English (garden) peas. 

Green Beans 

Green beans are a low-calorie snack full of fiber and vitamins! Your dog will likely enjoy them chopped, steamed (and cooled), raw, or right from a can (unsalted). Regardless of how you serve them to your furry family member, remember to prepare green beans without salt or other seasonings. 


Did you know broccoli is high in fiber and vitamin C? Broccoli can be enjoyed by dogs either raw or cooked and is best served as a treat in bite-sized pieces.  

Brussels Sprouts 

Brussels sprouts are full of antioxidants and nutrients to keep your dog filled with energy. Although dogs may love to enjoy Brussels sprouts any way they are prepared, it is recommend serving them to your pup after steaming, boiling, or microwaving and serving once cooled. These veggies are a little too dense to be served raw, so before your dog begins to enjoy them, make sure they have been prepared in a way that will not harm their teeth. 


Dogs enjoy crunchy treats, which makes celery the perfect green snack! Celery is full of A, B, and C vitamins, promotes heart health for dogs, and freshens their breath along the way. Before handing an entire celery stalk to your dog, cut up this crunchy green snack into smaller chunks to prevent tooth damage. 


Like celery, spinach is full of A, B, and C vitamins as well as vitamin K, iron, and roughage. This means spinach will stimulate your dog’s digestive tract while providing what your dog needs to stay active and on the go. Prepare spinach for your dog by cutting up the leaves, steaming until thin, and serving in a small amount. 


Cucumber is great for dogs trying to watch their figure as they contain little to no carbs, fats, or oils and assist with boosting energy levels. This green snack is loaded with B12, C, and K vitamins among other natural nutrients. If you take your dog outside on a hot day and want to rehydrate them with a snack, look no further than cucumber as this veggie can be used to refuel your dog after rigorous activity.  

We are lucky to be pet parents, so let’s keep our furry family members safe, healthy, and happy by keeping their nutrition top of mind. As a reminder, these snacks should be enjoyed as a special treat, so please do not allow your dog to overindulge. If you have any specific dietary questions as it pertains to your pup, please contact your veterinarian.  

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