Dog mom Leanora, her husband, and their two dogs Cash and Carter

Every May families spend a day celebrating the special mothers in their lives and while traditionally it is celebrated by two-legged sons and daughters, it is becoming increasingly common to celebrate with four-legged children too. Raising a dog requires a lot of time, dedication, patience and unconditional love, but in the end those wet kisses, wagging tails and endless cuddles make it all worth it.

At Dogtopia, we see firsthand the unconditional love and care dog moms provide their dogs every day. This Mother’s Day we want to recognize one of the many amazing dog moms that we’re proud to have as part of our Dogtopia family.

Nick Losciuto, Dogtopia of Ellisville owner

Nick Losciuto, owner of Dogtopia of Ellisville in Missouri, shares why he nominated Leanora as our featured Mother’s Day dog mom.

ONE WORD THAT DESCRIBES LEANORA: “Loyalty would be my word for her. Leanora was, literally, my first customer when we first opened in 2018. Her loyalty from day one helped me have faith in what I set out to do here – be a big part of the local dog community that pet parents could rely on and trust.”

WHAT SETS HER APART AS A DOG MOM? “I admire her loyalty to family, even during a serious health challenge. She wanted to keep things as normal as possible for all of them – including Cash and Carter, who never missed one day of daycare so that they could continue to receive their weekly exercise and socializing with all their dog friends and our staff.”

Meet Leanora, Cash & Carter

Leanora shares the joy she gets from being a dog mom to Cash and Carter.

FURRY CHILDREN: Cash 3-year-old blue heeler mix Carter 2-year-old terrier mix

BEST PART OF BEING A DOG MOM: The amount of unconditional love and support they give me every day. They don’t care if I had a bad day, or if I have makeup on. They are endlessly giving and bringing a smile to my face.

SPECIAL MOM-DOG CONNECTION: I believe that certain dogs come into your life at certain times, and for certain reasons. Right after we got Cash, I endured some very difficult health challenges, and when it was at its hardest – he was so loving. Having Cash around also gave me something else to focus on, which was its own kind of therapy.

HOW YOUR DOGS SPOIL YOU: Lots of kisses! They must like my cooking, too, because they are always in the kitchen with me. They give me lots of laughter and keep me warm in the mornings. None of us want to get out of bed!

HOW YOU SPOIL YOUR DOGS: Honestly, taking them to Dogtopia is like spoiling them in a way because they love it so much. I take them to daycare 2-3 times a week.

SPREAD THE DOG MOM LOVE: For anyone who is thinking about getting a dog, just do it! Adding a dog to your life is a great thing. Dogs put everyone in a better mood and I’ve never regretted [being a dog mom] for even a day. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it.

FUN FACT: Both Carter and Cash are rescues from the island of St. Thomas and were brought to the U.S. after Hurricane Irma through Kenny Chesney’s foundation.

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