Dog Playing in Leaves Wearing Bandana

Dressing your dog in a cute Halloween costume can make for a great photo opportunity – who doesn’t love an adorable “Pug-kin spice latte” or “Bat-dog” ensemble? But not all dogs love the glamour.

If you do dress up your furry friend, consider these 6 tips to making your dog’s Halloween comfy, safe, and stress free:

  1. Choose costumes that do not restrict movement, sight, or airways

It is important to ensure your dog can see, hear, and breath in their costumes, especially if they are out trick-or-treating with you and your family. Stay away from costumes that involve a head or tight neck piece or have goggles. Remember that you dog’s ears are sensitive! Make sure any costume pieces are not irritating to their ears.

  1. Try on the costume ahead of time

Have a fashion show and put your dog in the costume before Halloween to ensure they are comfortable and happy wearing it and can move freely in it.

  1. Ensure your dog’s tags can still be seen

Halloween can be a scary time for pups with lots of strangers coming to the doors or walking around with people in funny outfits. Should your dog be trick-or-treating with you and manage to get away, ensure that their tag and your identification can be clearly seen and read. Keep your dog on a leash to help control and protect your dog. Microchipping is a veterinarian preferred way to identify your dog and to assist with reunification should your dog get away.

  1. Put reflective tape on the costume or use glow sticks

Add reflective tape or glow-tape to your dog’s costume to help them be more easily seen on the sidewalk or street at night. Tie glow sticks to the leash or costume for better visibility

  1. Check for safety concerns

Check your dog’s outfit for dangling pieces or twisting concerns. Easily chewed off objects can provide choking hazards and ill-fitting or strappy costumes can catch on objects, people, or other dogs and can lead to injury.

  1. Always consider your dog’s comfort level

Wearing a costume can cause stress in some dogs, so it is important to make sure your dog loves and feels comfortable in whatever you put them in. If they seemed distressed or show abnormal behavior, try to frequently remove the costume, or consider a festive Halloween bandana or collar instead!


Here are a few fun, safe costume ideas for this Halloween!

  1. Superhero
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Office Worker
  4. Cowboy