Inside Dogtopia playroom

Dogtopia’s state-of-the-art facilities are designed with dogs’ health and wellness in mind

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 50 percent of all dogs in the nation are considered obese. Dogtopia is working hard to combat this statistic by providing quality doggie daycare that not only exercises the pups in its care, but socializes them as well.

From the specialized rubber flooring that helps with joint and paw health to the certified Canine Coaches who interact and keep pups safe, Dogtopia treats every day like It’s the Most Exciting Day Ever! After just a few visits, pups will meet their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) and beg for more Dogtopia – they do speak dog after all!


These spectacular pups have shed pounds and pounds from their days of play.

dogtopia before and afterCharlie from Dogtopia of Fredericksburg in Virginia has lost 30 pounds with Dogtopia! Coming to Dogtopia three times a week paired with a healthy diet, Charlie is feeling the effects of new-found puppyhood and all the energy that comes with that. “Charlies has last roughly 30 pounds and his energy has increased so much,” Charlie’s mom Myna said. “He looks healthier, he acts healthier and the vet doesn’t lecture me on his weight! I trust Dogtopia and know they are interested in dogs’ overall health both mentally and physically.”

Ellie from Dogtopia of Westchase in Florida has lost 20 pounds and loves her visits to Dogtopia – also at least three times a week. She and her BFFF Gunner play hard and burn lots of calories throughout the day. She even has sleep overs where the Canine Coaches caringly clean her face folds and care for her like their own. “I love Dogtopia! The dogs get such a workout there,” Ellie’s mom Stefanie said. “She has tons of energy – Bulldogs are typically very mopey and lazy, but I have seen a significant change with Ellie since she started Dogtopia. She is not scared of anything – and is very friendly her demeanor has changed so much.”

Maci from Dogtopia of Arcadia in Arizona visits Dogtopia a lot -it helps that her mom owns the daycare! With all of the exercise she gets socializing with other dogs, Maci has lost 20 pounds and is loving life! “Daycare was the main factor in Maci’s weight loss journey,” Maci’s mom Joann said. “She plays all day and gets the exercise she desperately needs to stay happy and healthy. She plays with her BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) and I can watch her having fun on the webcams. It’s a win-win!”

A healthy, safe and fun environment for dogs. Click here to find a Dogtopia near you.