Dog lying down on chair looking out of window

While separation anxiety is something most dogs experience as a puppy, the pandemic has thrust pups of all ages into a unique experience. For the last year, dogs have spent all day, every day with their pet parents at home, constantly by their side. While it’s provided comfort and support during an unknown time for pet parents, it’s caused an unexpected impact on dogs as pet parents return to work or start to spend more time away from home.

Many dogs were used to being home alone before the pandemic but have now grown accustomed to their pet parent’s constant presence. New puppies who were welcomed into homes have spent their first year isolated, only interacting with their family and not interacting with other dogs or other social environments. This lack of socialization can have an impact on a pup’s overall wellbeing and confidence, causing them to feel insecure when meeting a new dog or being in a new environment. And now, as pet parents return to the office, dogs’ are starting to feel stressed as they find themselves alone for long periods of time.

What’s the solution to help your dog transition to this new normal?

Instead of feeling guilty leaving your dog alone while you’re away, send them to dog daycare. It is a great place for your dog to get daily socialization and exercise and interact with other dogs just like them. At Dogtopia, we understand that your pup is an important member of your family and deserves the highest level of quality care. That’s why we love and care for your dog like they’re our own! Just like a child in daycare, dogs will enjoy plenty of brain games, playtime and even a naptime!

We’re more than a place to leave your furry family member when you can’t be with them,  daycare at Dogtopia is where your dog will learn how to be a great canine citizen. Your pup will enjoy up to 10 hours of open play in our clean, safe and climate-controlled playrooms under the watchful eyes of our certified Canine Coaches. Our team will keep you updated on how your dog is doing in daycare with reports cards and tips for replicating training at home.

And the fun isn’t just for the dogs! Pet parents can watch their pup living life to the fullest with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) on our live webcams.

We guarantee that you and your dog will love the benefits of dog daycare. At the end of the day, you’ll pick up a tired, but very happy pup, which means you can come home from work and enjoy the calmness knowing they had a full day of fun.

Interested in giving your dog the Most Exciting Day Ever? Find a Dogtopia in your neighborhood and book daycare today!