Dog Daycare Benefits for Pups of All Ages

As pack animals, dogs are very social creatures. Dogs need interaction with other dogs to get mental stimulation, socialization and exercise. Plus, they will learn good behavior and have tons of fun during all of this playtime, regardless of their age. At Dogtopia, we promise your dog will be in good hands as we care and love for your dog like our own. Learn how dog daycare benefits your pup at different stages of their life.


A puppy’s first year is critical in developing their behavior and personality. As the Puppy Love Experts, we understand that a young pup needs socialization right from the start. Dogtopia is a safe place for your puppy to learn social skills with a variety of other dogs that will help them grow into a well-adjusted adult dog. From their older peers, they learn the appropriate way to greet, initiate play and proper “doggie manners,” such as when another dog would like to play or prefers to be alone. You can feel confident knowing your puppy’s learning and wellbeing is in good hands while being cared for by our certified Canine Coaches.


Is your adolescent dog’s energy never ending? Pet parents find daycare gives their dog a welcome outlet for all their excess enthusiasm. Oftentimes, this energy can be the cause of common behavioral issues like barking, jumping, chewing, digging and even separation anxiety. Without a positive way to get rid of this energy, some dogs release it through these destructive behaviors. At Dogtopia daycare, dogs enjoy up to 8-10 hours of open play time where they can burn off their energy, play mentally stimulating brain games and socialize with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). At the end of the day, you’ll pick up a tired, but very happy pup.


As dogs age, activity and exercise become less of a focus. Just like humans, this can lead to adverse health effects such as an unhealthy weight. Carrying this extra weight places additional stress on a dog’s heart and may also lead to join and hip pain. It’s important for senior dogs to keep a healthy lifestyle including engaging in physical activities. We monitor the play of dogs to avoid overexertion and we offer naptime that provides a period of rest.

Not only is getting up and moving around good for the older dogs, but they simply enjoy being in the company of other dogs. To make sure your senior dog feels confident at daycare, we place them in a playroom with dogs of similar size and temperament based on what we learn about your dog’s personality and history during our Meet & Greet evaluation. Your pup’s safety and wellbeing is our first and foremost priority.

Curious about daycare for your dog? We’re here to give your favorite furry family member the Most Exciting Day Ever, no matter their age! Find a Dogtopia near you and get your pup into daycare today.