Woman holding dog indoors by a window

A new year means an opportunity for a fresh start and setting goals to keep yourself accountable. While making your list of New Year’s resolutions consider adding a few for your dog, too. They can benefit from making some improvements that will help them become a more well-rounded canine citizen. Plus, they don’t have to be overwhelming! Check out these simple resolutions and let Dogtopia help you achieve a happy, healthy and fun year for your dog. 

Make New Friends

You can never have too many friends! As a pack animal, dogs are social by nature and thrive off of interaction with other dogs. In fact, being around other pups teaches them good socialization skills which will benefit your pup at home or out for walks in your neighborhood. At Dogtopia, dogs are grouped by size and temperament in an open-play environment that encourages positive interactions with dogs and humans. Plus, all dogs go through a thorough evaluation so you can have peace of mind knowing they are playing with healthy and like-minded dogs.

Get More Exercise

Being cooped up at home during the pandemic this year has greatly impacted the amount of exercise dogs experience. While obesity is on the rise in dogs, it has become an even bigger issue with dogs getting more treats and experiencing less movement while staying at home with their pet parents. At Dogtopia daycare, your dog will enjoy 8 to 10 hours of open play in a spacious, climate-controlled playroom. Whether they’re burning of energy with their BFFF (best furry friend forever) or participating in a fun activity like an agility course, they’ll be keeping themselves physically fit.

Never Stop Learning

Don’t let the old adage fool you because you can teach an old dog new tricks!  No matter the age or breed of your pup, they can (and should) always be learning. As part of the daycare routine, our Canine Coaches play educational game and activities, like door control and group sit exercises, so your dog will consistently be learning good manners. Even the act of coming to daycare is enriching for them as they experience different sights, smells and sounds keeping them alert and engaged.

Maintain Regular Grooming

How about a little extra self-care in 2021? Healthy fur and skin are equally as important for your dog so commit to scheduling regular spas days to keep your pup fresh and clean. Dogtopia makes it convenient for pet parents by providing spa services during daycare so at the end of the day not only will you pick up a tired and happy dog, but a clean one too. From baths and nail trims to ear and teeth cleaning, let us take this activity off of your to do list.

Give Back to the Community

Your dog can make a difference! Dogtopia believes dogs can positively change our world because they change ours every day. Together with the Dogtopia Foundation, you and your dog can join us in our Noble Cause and make a direct impact by donating to help sponsor a service dog for a Veteran, support youth literacy programs and providing employment opportunities for adults with autism. Learn more and Fetch It Forward by making a donation today.

Start checking off your dog’s resolutions by becoming a Dogtopian today! Find a Dogtopia daycare center near you.