Bernese Mountain Dog

Anyone who has imagined working with animals should consider a career as a dog grooming professional. Aspiring dog groomers require proper training in order to establish a reputation for excellence and keep happy canines and their owners coming back for regular beautifying treatments.

Dog groomers should have knowledge and training in the following:   

  • Grooming tools of the trade, equipment and products
  • Canine behavior
  • Canine handling techniques
  • Canadian Kennel Club classification of pure breed dogs and breed clips, including specialized techniques like hand stripping (pulling the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog, such as terriers, spaniels and other breeds)
  • Popular cross breeds
  • Pet first aid
  • Common parasites
  • Canine anatomy, including skin and hair
  • Salon safety, cleaning and organization
  • Bathing, drying, nail trimming and ear cleaning
  • Pattern setting for breed standard grooming
  • Scissoring/Clipping technique
  • Pet feeding
  • Customer relations

Diligent and discerning dog owners do their research when choosing a professional groomer, seeking out spas with an impeccable reputation. Because they are entrusting a beloved furry member of their family to the care of a virtual stranger, they may ask for recommendations from friends with pets, read reviews or go to a spa and meet the groomer before making the initial appointment. Dog owners look for a groomer with experience handling dogs of all sizes and temperaments.

A puppy and a groomer are like young child and a dentist. Early positive experiences can establish a puppy’s predisposition toward future visits and determine their comfort level with the grooming process. Many groomers recommend bringing a puppy in between eight and 12 weeks of age, after receiving their first shots. The initial visit is typically short in order to help the puppy acclimatize to the new experience. It may include bathing, a light brush out, nail trim and ear cleaning, and light coat trim, usually around the face, or where it’s most needed.

Dogtopia offers pet owners and their precious canines all the trimmings one could want in its beautiful, full-service salon. Expert groomers are certified and highly trained, compassionate and dedicated to ensuring a positive experience for all grooming clients.

Dogtopia’s Spa and Grooming Services include: 

  • 2 Shampoos + Conditioner
  • Pads, Face, Feet & Tail trimmed as needed
  • Nails Clipped, Ears Cleaned and Plucked
  • Fluff Dry and Brush-Out
  • Breed Specific Trims (or to the owner’s specifications)
  • Personalized TLC and attention

Dogtopia prides itself in its first-class spa services and the grooming expertise of its certified, dog-loving professionals. “Our raison d’être is to create a calm environment that minimizes anxiety. The spa has unique grooming tables to ensure that the experience is comfortable for the dog. We believe in transparency and communication, and that the relationship between the groomer and pet parent is as important as that with the pet,” said Anita Samadian, Dogtopia’s Regional Developer for Eastern Canada.