Bringing home a new puppy is definitely one of life’s greatest joys. From their tiny wagging tail to their boundless energy, it’s enough to make anyone’s heart melt.

But after those initial weeks of bonding and bliss, your pup will begin to develop and we all know what that means – growing pains! One of the first is teething, which can be painful and fussy. You may find your pup chewing on your furniture, shoes and just about anything else they can get their paws on.

Check out these tips to make teething a bit easier for your furry friend:

Chew Toys

Providing your pup with one or two chew toys is a great way to minimize any teething discomfort they may be experiencing. However, avoid giving your pup too many toys at once as it can train them to believe they should chew on any object at hand. Look for toys that are made of hard rubber material and can be filled with peanut butter or other dog-safe treats. This can entice your pup to focus on the chew toys rather than the other things around your home.

Cold Chewables

Some pet stores offer commercial dog toys that are made to be frozen. Cold chew toys are great for soothing your pup’s aching gums and teeth during the teething phase. You can also opt to make your own frozen chew toys at home by twisting a wet rag into a long, stick-like shape and freezing it.

Ice Cubes

For some pups, an ice cube is the perfect remedy for relieving their teething discomfort. On the other hand, some pups may not be interested in chewing on plain cubes. In this case, you can make frozen beef or chicken broth ice cubes as an alternative. If all else fails, you can even try dropping a couple of ice cubes in your pup’s food bowl when they feel the need for intense chewing.


Herbal plants such as lavender and chamomile are known for their soothing properties and are great options to help soothe your pup during teething. You can make a weak herbal tea, let it cool and then pour some of it over your pup’s dry food. You can also try injecting the tea into their mouth with a syringe or freezing the tea into chewable ice cubes.

Baby Gates

Keep your pup from getting too adventurous during their teething phase by containing them to certain areas of your home. Using baby gates to restrict your pup from different regions of your house will keep you from possible chewing disasters.

Once your pup’s adult teeth have come in, be sure to keep them healthy with regular teeth and gum maintenance. Take the anxiety out of brushing your dog’s teeth at home and let our professional team at Dogtopia’s spa handle it instead! Book your pup’s next teeth brushing at a Dogtopia near you.