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It can be frustrating when you or someone in your household suffers from dog allergies – especially when you want nothing more than to be a pet parent! The main cause of pet allergies in humans is not caused by pet hair, but by dander (i.e. dead skin). Dander is usually spread through the environment on pet hair that has shed, hence the confusion.

Before you rule out the idea of getting a pup completely, there are many dog breeds that are considered hypoallergenic as they tend to produce much lower levels of dander than other breeds. This means that hypoallergenic dogs may not trigger a reaction to many allergy sufferers.

Check out eight adorable dog breeds that will have you on your way to a loving companionship and clear sinuses:

Yorkshire Terrier
Aside from being affectionate and energetic, these tiny pups don’t shed or produce much dander, making them a great choice for those with allergies. As long as you keep this pup trimmed and groomed, you should remain free from the sniffles.

Shih Tzu
These loving and affectionate dogs have similar hair to humans, which makes it less likely for a Shih Tzu’s coat to cause an allergic reaction. To keep their lustrous coat in tip-top condition, they need regular grooming and brushing – though be prepared to handle a few knots and tangles!

Basenjis are known for their efficient self-cleaning, similarly to a cat. They are a short-coated breed that don’t shed and produce very little dander. Spunky and requiring extra training attention, Basenjis are great for physically active dog-lovers looking for a loving companion!

Poodles shed little to no hair. However, their coat does require plenty of attention and most people advise using a professional groomer to maintain their coat. Best of all, Poodles are incredibly intelligent dogs that are easy to train and make excellent family dogs!

These loyal and friendly pups shed much less hair than the average dog and make wonderful hypoallergenic pets. Schnauzers are protective and loyal, and when socialized properly, can be great with kids.

Portuguese Water Dog
This beautiful dog skyrocketed to fame when Barack Obama adopted one during his presidency because it was a suitable breed for his daughter Malia, who has allergies. This medium-sized breed has a single coat of tight curls that is both low-shedding and waterproof, which makes them great for mild allergy sufferers.

Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested dogs are either hairless of coated with very short fur. The American Kennel Association has noted that these non-barking, friendly and playful pups shed infrequently, if at all, and don’t require frequent grooming or baths. This cute, affectionate, low-maintenance breed is the perfect companion for someone looking for a hypoallergenic pup.

Bichon Frise
These loving and intelligent pups are known for their puffy, white coats, hence the name Bichon Frise (which means fluffy white dog in French). Rather than shedding, their curly white fur just keeps growing. Their thick coat captures loose hair and dander, which is only released when the fur is removed. This means regular grooming is essential to maintain their beautiful, fluffy coat. A Bichon Frise’s affectionate and fun-loving personality makes them perfect family dogs.

Allergy suffering dog-lovers don’t have to give up their desire for a furry family member. There are breeds of dogs that shed less and produce less dander, which makes them less likely to trigger allergies. However, be aware that if you are thinking of getting a pup but you have allergies, it is always a good idea to spend some time with the dog before bringing them home just to be sure that you aren’t affected.

If you are a pet parent who suffers from allergies, scheduling regular baths and brushouts for your furry friend will help relieve your symptoms. Dogtopia’s pampering yet relaxing doggie spa will have your pup looking clean, smelling fresh and feeling like a million bones! Visit your nearest Dogtopia location for details.