Canine Coach Giving Belly Rub

Socialization is one of the most important things pet parents can give their pups. Dogs are naturally social creatures, so as pet parents it is essential for us to make sure that our furry family members are getting enough social interactions and making enough BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). Dog daycare is one of the best, and easiest, ways to give our dogs the socialization they need:

Making new friends

Dogtopia is an ideal environment not only for your dog to learn new skills, but also to create new dog and people friendships. There is an ever-changing roster of faces, whether it’s new dogs enjoying their first day or staff members working different shifts. This allows your dog to make new BFFFs and make new human friends. The real-world benefits of socialization are endless. With proper socialization, your dog is less likely to be aggressive towards new people and dogs, less likely to run away in the event that he or she were to find them self in an unfamiliar place, and your dog will be less likely to experience separation anxiety when you are away from home. Most importantly, though: your dog will be more comfortable in their surroundings and will be better behaved in general for having a reliable outlet for their social energies.

Supervised and fun play

Dogtopia’s Canine Coaches are trained and experienced in ensuring that all of the dogs under their care are happy, safe and having the most exciting day ever while at daycare. They make sure that all the dogs in the playroom are playing safely, monitor your dog’s interactions with others, and keep the play area clean to maintain overall health for all the pups. Unlike the dog park, when you take your dog to daycare you can be sure that all the other dogs they meet have been adequately vaccinated. Vaccines for dogs have to be updated regularly, and at Dogtopia this is required for all pups to make sure that everyone stays healthy. At the end of the day, you will be picking up a dog who is happy, healthy, and the good kind of tired that comes from playing all day long!