Dogtopia Canine Coach in City playroom with group of dogs

Dog daycare at Dogtopia has an endless supply of socialization, education and exercise for your furry friend. Learn why playing in a busy playroom is a great environment for your dog to develop into a better canine citizen:

More Exercise

Dogs will burn more energy because they have multiple pups to play with and not just one or two. They will come home extra tired from a full day of exciting playtime. 

Less Boredom

If there are fewer dogs, there is less to do in the playroom. With more dogs there is more energy and activities for the dogs to join in on and enjoy.

Play With The Right BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)

Play between dogs is often more balanced in busy playrooms because every pup will have the chance to find another dog they like to play with and form a special bond. Every dog deserves a BFFF! 

It Feels Like A Party

Going to dog daycare is like going to a party! If there are only a few people there, you will likely be forced to interact and spend extended time with people you don’t connect with, but if you go to a crowded party, you will meet lots of interesting people! If you don’t like someone, not a problem, keep on mingling and you will find a like-minded person in no time. Dogs want to party just like humans! 

Trained Canine Coaches

Although the playroom looks busy, the highly trained Canine Coaches have gone through extensive training to manage large numbers of dogs in the group. They can identify dog body language and intervene when necessary to keep a happy energy in the playroom. 

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