Person with lab dog on leash walking out of Dogtopia lobby

Were you one of the many pet parents who adopted a pup while cooped up at home during the pandemic? As you start to do more outside of your home, are you noticing your dog is having a hard time adapting to different situations. Whether your dog is exhibiting signs of separation anxiety when left alone or is lacking confidence when being introduced to other dogs or new environments, know that with a little planning and consistency you can help develop a well-balanced dog.

While you’re implementing training at home, it’s important for your furry friend to meet new dogs, people and be exposed to different sights, sounds, places and people. The best place to do this is at dog daycare!

At Dogtopia, we’ll be your village of knowledge for raising a happy and healthy pup. We understand that a dog’s first year is critical in developing his or her behavior and personality. Puppies need plenty of playtime in a safe setting for learning and growing so we’ve created a loving place with dogs’ wants and needs in mind. Did you adopt an older dog? We can help you with socialization techniques to get your dog ready for daycare.

Before starting daycare at Dogtopia, we require all dogs to pass a Meet & Greet evaluation where we learn about the health and behavior history of your dog, their personality and what you’re hoping to get out of daycare. This lets us place your dog with like-minded friends that are similar in size and temperament so that they can learn proper “doggie manners” from their peers.

Supervised by our certified Canine Coaches, your dog will enjoy up to 10 hours of open play in our clean, safe and climate-controlled playrooms. Your pup’s day will be filled with endless socialization with their new BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) who will help them learn how to greet, initiate play and know when to give their furry friend some space. All this playtime means endless exercise and burning off any pent-up energy so that when you get home you’ll enjoy a calm and happy dog. In addition, we’ll engage your pup with mentally stimulating brain games, basic commands and fun themed playroom activities like bubbles and agility courses. Everything your dog is learning at daycare can be reinforced at home using our training tips sheet.

With so much going on we want pet parents to join in on their dog’s Most Exciting Day Ever, too! No matter where you are, you can check in on your dog by watching our live webcams.

At Dogtopia, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your dog is being loved and cared for while becoming a well-balanced canine citizen. Start socializing your dog by booking daycare at Dogtopia today! Find a convenient location near you.