Bulldog Sitting on Grass

As dog owners, we like to listen to every sound our pups make and analyze what they could possibly mean. This is especially true when we hear our dogs sneeze. Is our little prince or princess getting sick? Are they trying to tell us something? Here is a look at some possible reasons why your dog may be sneezing.


A sneezing dog may indicate illness. Even though their nose is a lot more sensitive and complex than ours, a simple cold or sinus infection will have them sneezing just like we do. And just like us, they should get better in a few days.

If you find your dog tends to get the sneezes during certain times of the year, the issue may be seasonal allergies. Pollen from plants and trees can cause inflammation in the nasal passages, which leads to sneezing. If you find the sneezing is most common in the late spring-early summer, they may be allergic to tree pollen. If the sneezing occurs mid-summer, the culprit is likely grass allergies. If your dog’s sneezing is most common in fall, the cause may be weeds and other types of plants. No matter what the cause, the period they are effected should only be around two weeks.

Nasal Irritation

Another reason your dog may be sneezing is that they have something stuck up their nose that they are unable to reach with their paws. As dogs often walk around with their noses to the ground gathering up all the different smells, they can pick up items like grass, twigs and carpet fibers.

Most of these irritants should come out easily with your dog’s sneezing or if it is a larger blockage that you can see, you could try and remove it yourself. Just keep in mind that your pup’s nose is quite sensitive and may require attention from a vet.


For some dogs, they may be attempting to communicate by making a sneezing sound. This is especially true if the sneeze is accompanied by them bowing their head in a slightly excited fashion. When they do this around other dogs, they could be trying to say two things: A) they really want to play, and B) they are no threat to that other dog.

Dogs may also make a sneezing sound when they are excited for something you are doing with them. If they make a sneezing sound when you tell them you are taking them for a walk or getting a treat, they are just telling you that they are really happy and excited for that thing you are about to do with them.

The only time you likely need to be concerned about your dog’s sneezing is if it occurs over an extended period of time with no apparent cause. If a lengthy sneezing attack is accompanied by symptoms such as nose bleeds, nasal discharge, lethargy or they are having difficulty breathing, have their vet take a look at them.