First, make sure the puppy has extra exercise. Puppies have tons of energy and if we give them extra things to do, they will be less likely to bug the older dog. Remember: tired dogs are good dogs.

Interactive toys and games are great ways for puppies to stay preoccupied.

In the house, it may be worth looking into an exercise pen for the puppy so they aren’t constantly bugging the older dog.

A training technique, that will require two people, is as follows: put both dogs on a leash. As the person with the puppy starts approaching the older dog, praise the older dog lavishly and give special treats to reinforce that puppy means praise and fun. Then, the person with the puppy starts to move away. The older dog will not get anything at this stage, but the puppy instead will get the treats and love. This reinforces that when the puppy is away from the older dog, they are doing something right.

If you have done lots of these tips and the situation does not improve, it might be worth contacting a professional dog trainer to observe and assist.