Boxers have tons of energy and can be overwhelming to other dogs at times. Dogs communicate through an expansive language of dog body signals. Sometimes, boxers (and others) can ignore the signals of other dogs that don’t want to play, which causes a reaction.

A few helpful tips to hopefully diminish these interactions:

  • Try exercising your dog before they get to the dog park. It seems counterintuitive, but if your dog has less energy, they will be more calm and is more likely to get along with the other dogs better. A simple lap or two around the block can help a lot.
  • When you get to the dog park, have your dog sit four times between the car and the park. This will help them stay calm and remind them that they need to listen to you.
  • For a lot of these kinds of dogs, daycare is a great option. At Dogtopia, we separate dogs by size and temperament and can be helpful in helping your dog learn playtime etiquette and social cues.