The important part of selecting toys for your new puppy is keep safety at the top of your priority! Any toy that can be easily torn apart with pieces that could be swallowed should not be allowed!

That being said, we are talking about dogs here who are destructive by nature so vigilance is key! Watch your puppy carefully as they play and take away toys if you notice they are breaking down.

Be sure to take the size and breed of your dog into consideration when selecting appropriate toys.

Hard nylon bones are designed for the teething puppy. Dogs have 42 adult teeth and all of them should have grown in by around the 6 month mark. Hard rubber toys can come in many sizes and shapes to safely accommodate puppies.

Likewise, teething is a painful process as any mom or dad can tell you! Puppies are no different. Try offering lots of appropriate things for your puppy to chew on that will help alleviate the discomfort.

A Chilly Bone is a freezable canvas stuffy that you can get wet and pop in the freezer. The cool toy will provide some relief from aching gums. You could do this with pretty much any sturdy canvas toy. Caution, it may get messy as it begins to defrost!

Small to medium breeds can use the Nylabone, however, larger puppies that are very hard chewers should avoid this type of bone because pieces can be bitten off and swallowed.