Removal of hair can be quite a chore! At Dogtopia, we pay extra attention to the details like hair removal in order to maintain our fresh, clean stores. It’s not possible to truly clean something if we have excessive hair on surfaces! By using a powerful backpack vacuum with a telescoping wand, we can quickly and efficiently remove hair before the sanitation process. In a home environment, hair removal strategies will differ depending on the surface that needs cleaning. For clothing and upholstery, try the lint brush or fabric sweeper instead of the sticky tape rollers. There are many effective ones on the market these days and reducing waste by using something other than adhesive rollers is an added bonus!

Hair removal from flooring does require a decent vacuum. Vacuums are best for hard flooring surfaces because sweeping can often be a frustrating experience as swept hair can often float through the air and land back on places you’ve already swept! Also, static electricity can easily make the job of sweeping hair maddening! Carpeted surfaces also benefit from a decent vacuum when it comes to removing pet hair.

Worth mentioning for hard floor surfaces are microfiber mops that do a great job of trapping the hair for easier removal. Again, reusable microfiber mops over the disposable electrostatic versions help to reduce waste and save money over time. Microfiber mops can endure many, many washes in your washing machine before needing to be replaced. The ones we use for our lobby at Dogtopia can be machine laundered hundreds of times before we have to by a new microfiber cover.