My dog will go outside to pee, but then sometimes will pee and walk around the house while he does it. he rings the bell after he finishes to go out, so he knows he was wrong. How do i stop this behavior?

It might be worth a vet check to make sure your dog isn’t suffering from a UTI or bladder infection. Dogs don’t normally just walk and pee around the house and then tell you they need to go outside. Any time you see a behavior change that happens out of nowhere, it is always a good idea to check with your vet for any medical cause.

If that is all clear, some things to try are taking your dog out more frequently instead of waiting for them to ring the bell.

Be sure to monitor their water intake as they may be overdrinking. Some dogs will drink way more than they need to satisfy their thirst. Never restrict their water entirely, but try filling the bowl part of the way and if they drink it, add more and go from there. This will prevent over drinking.