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Fun Careers at Dogtopia!

Dogtopia of Madison is a wonderful place to work with incredible people, rewarding responsibilities, and happy dogs! People who choose to work at Dogtopia enjoy the freedom to manage a playroom or make a positive impact on our business success with your superior customer service skills and congenial personality. You’ll work with friendly teammates in this supportive and happy work environment at this family-owned business.

Playroom Attendant

Dogtopia is hiring top-notch playroom attendants to lovingly care for playful dogs for our three open-play playrooms.

Playroom attendants enjoy the freedom of working independently in their room, and the pride of working with a great team. This job is great for the person who loves dogs and being active! Dogtopia provides excellent training on dog language and dog behavior to all new employees.

You are a great candidate for this position if:

  • You have a “can-do” attitude and a strong work ethic
  • You are undeniably reliable and roll up your sleeves to get the work done
  • You naturally smile and avoid negative people

Dogtopia offers two shifts: 

  • Morning shift –  from 6am to 12:30pm
  • Afternoon shift – from 1:45pm to 7:30pm (building closers may stay as late as 10pm)

Job Responsibilities and Duties

Manage and Maintain a Safe, Clean, Calm, and Fun Dog Playroom

  • You will positively engage with dogs in an open-play, off-leash environment while keeping your playroom impeccably clean
  • You will use redirection, recall, and basic training methods to effectively manage your playroom of dogs. This also includes knowing when a dog needs to rest and relax, but it will NEVER include using physical force or punishment of a dog. We have zero-tolerance for the mistreatment of dogs

Cleaning Responsibilities and Tasks

  • You will continually monitor your playroom and keep it free of messes and fur by immediately and continually spot cleaning (picking up poo and mopping up pee), cleaning walls and equipment
  • You have daily cleaning assignments including, but not limited to, sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash, sanitizing rooms

 Feeding, Health, and Spa Services

  • You will bathe dogs using proper bathing procedures and provide other hygiene services (nail trims, teeth brushing, ear cleaning)
  • You will feed dogs by following all feeding and medication lists and document food consumption, ensuring health standards are met

Team Player and Independent Worker

  • You must be an independent worker who can manage a playroom in a professional, loving, and safe manner. You must also work with the Dogtopia team in a respectful, supportive manner
  • You are able to effectively communicate orally and written, and you utilize company tools to communicate relevant information to the manager and front desk shift leaders on a daily basis
  • You maintain a positive attitude and demeanor in all aspects of your position, including room management and customer service
  • You are incredibly reliable and maintain impeccable time and attendance standards


Dogtopia provides excellent training on dog language and dog behavior to all new employees. You will learn to manage an active playroom with support from a knowledgeable trainer and an in-room “buddy,” before you manage your own playroom.

Minimum Requirements to Apply:

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Must be able to lift 40 lbs or more
  • Must be able to stand and walk around a playroom and clean the playroom
  • Must be able to work an entire: morning or afternoon. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Must have a proven track record in superior customer service
  • Previous dog daycare or boarding is a plus but not a requirement.
  • You must be a quick learner


After training period, pay is $9.25 to $10.00/hr based on experience. Plus bonuses!

Other Great Bonuses!

  • Dogtopia offers employees other awesome benefits, such as:
  • Reward and recognition bonuses
  • Up to $500 annual loyalty bonus
  • Referral bonuses
  • Fun contests for money prizes
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Free dog daycare and spa services for your doggy

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Team Leader

Dogtopia is hiring congenial team leaders to efficiently run our front desk while greeting and caring for two-legged and four-legged customers. You’ll work with friendly teammates in a supportive, happy work environment.

You are a great candidate for this position if:

  • You are undeniably reliable and you roll up your sleeves to get the job done
  • You have a “can-do” attitude and a strong work ethic
  • You naturally smile and avoid negativity

Qualities and job responsibilities for a team leader include, but are not limited to:

Exceptional Customer Service and Communication Skills

  • Greet pet parents (customers) promptly and warmly
  • Practice superior customer service by consistently returning daycare and boarding dogs to delighting customers with our polite service
  • Excellent phone etiquette — answering phones promptly, professionally, and with a friendly smile
  • Clearly answer customer questions or follow up with customers
  • Effectively and professionally communicate dog health and behavior concerns with pet parents
  • Give informative customer tours
  • Conduct thorough dog temperament assessments, approving a dog’s enrollment at Dogtopia
  • Believe it’s an honor and privilege to care for a person’s dog

Strong Organizational and Time Management Skills

  • Maintain an organized front desk
  • Professionally and politely answer phone calls and return voice messages
  • Able to quickly learn company POS system and know Microsoft Office Word and Excel
  • Sell daycare passes, spa services, and retail
  • Extreme attention to detail and maintain clear daily notes
  • Check dogs in and out of daycare and maintain passes
  • Check in boarding dogs and document all necessary information for the stay
  • Manage spa services schedule by giving spa services or delegating
  • Create dog daily room schedules for playroom attendants
  • Make copies, receive and send faxes, and monitor confidential information
  • Receive payment and keep accurate invoices, revenue reports, and till drawer
  • Conduct closing procedures: balancing cash drawer and maintaining Revenue Report

Excellent Employee Relations and Effective Communication Skills

  • Have a great sense of humor and be flexible and open-minded to new ideas and changes
  • Be a positive, reliable role model to playroom attendants at all times
  • Give positive feedback to peers and playroom attendants creating a supportive work environment
  • Provide clear communication to the team during shift changes and throughout the day
  • Support and coach playroom attendants on new or improved cleaning procedures and dog care skills
  • Review playroom attendants’ Dog Behavior and Activity Logs
  • Work with the assistant manager and general manager to manage the front desk
  • Ability to offer verbal feedback to team members and hold each other accountable to Dogtopia standards, including yourself
  • Ability to receive feedback from the team and your peers
  • Ability to lead playroom attendants in briefing meetings or procedure updates or changes meetings

Steward of Building Care and Cleanliness

  • Ensure building custodians and playroom attendants clean the building to Dogtopia’s high standards
  • Delegate tasks to appropriate people and follow up those tasks when completed, ensuring the results meet Dogtopia’s high standards
  • Conduct End-of-Shift walk-throughs with playroom attendants, pointing out areas of improvement or providing tips to make cleaning more thorough and efficient
  • Ensure the lobby and all areas of the building are clean, organized and surpass Dogtopia high standards

Love and Respect for Animals and Animal Care-Taking (especially dogs!)

  • Desire to learn or have first-hand knowledge of how to effectively manage and lead a room of dogs in open play
  • Desire to learn or have first-hand knowledge on modern, compassionate dog-care methods
  • Ability to work a playroom as needed
  • Dogtopia has zero tolerance for mishandling of dogs or using non-approved dog management methods
  • Ability to coach playroom attendants on best methods or practices to manage a playroom of 20 to 25 off-leash dogs

Other Requirements Include:

  • Ability to open the building at 5:45am or stay as late as 9pm
  • Available to work 35 to 40 hours per week with occasional overtime
  • Reliable transportation
  • Ability to lift up to 40 lbs. and move playroom equipment and X-large home-style crates
  • Ability to stand for up to 8 hours, bend repetitively, and use cleaning products to disinfect and sanitize the building
  • Ability to move quickly throughout the building while maintaining your composure and keeping a smile on your face!
  • Ability to work occasional weekends and holidays


After training period, pay is $10 -$11/hr based on experience and skills. Plus bonuses!


As a team leader, you can earn monthly Exceptional Service Bonuses up to $100 per month (~$1200/yr), an annual bonus up to $200, and a Loyalty Anniversary Bonus up to $500 for each year you’re employed at Dogtopia.

Other COOL Benefits Include

  • Four days of Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Six days Unpaid Time Off (UTO)
  • Free daycare and reduced boarding for employee’s dog
  • Free bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, teeth brushing (each service per month)
  • Unlimited potential to earn reward and recognition bonuses – go above and beyond and SHINE!
  • Technology or education reimbursement is available – up to $250 per year

Minimum Requirements to Apply

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Must have a proven track record in sales and customer service experience
  • Must be able to work either morning or afternoon shifts. Working both shifts is preferred
  • Must have a proven track record managing a front desk or retail counter
  • Must have a proven track record of motivating, coaching, and clearly communicating with employees
  • Must know how to operate a computer confidently, knows Microsoft Office and can quickly learn other software systems
  • Must be able to work as early as 5:45am to open the building and work as late at 9:30pm to close the building. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Previous dog daycare or boarding is a plus but not a requirement.
  • You must be a quick learner

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Building Caretaker

Dogtopia has opening for Building Caretaker. This job is GREAT for students or people who only want 12 to 15 hours per week. The schedule is flexible, however, preferred hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. During the week, you’ll work 2.5 hours per day and on the weekend, you’ll work 2.5 to 4 hours (only if there is a project assigned). Preferred work time is after 3:30pm but starting no later than 5pm (M-F). Weekend day, you will start at 8:30am to 11:30am. If you have a friend who would be interested in this position too, you and your friend can job share this position and alternate weekends if desired.

The best person for this job enjoys working independently and is internally motivated to do a great job. You must be detailed oriented, have a strong work ethic, able to accept feedback, be undeniably reliable, be committed to your teammates and your work schedule.

Dogtopia will train you on your duties and responsibilities.

Job responsibilities for a building caretaker include, but are not limited to:

Building Cleaning and Care

  • Cleaning building according to Chore Checklist
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping all floors
  • Cleaning other public areas of the building, excluding playrooms (playroom attendants are responsible for cleaning these areas)
  • Cleaning walls, floors, windows, polishing stainless steel, disinfecting doors, dusting shelves, cleaning fans (floor and room)

General Grounds Care (if assigned)

  • Mowing lawn
  • Pulling weeds
  • Trimming tree branches
  • Keeping building grounds free of debris
  • Snow shoveling and salting

Building Maintenance (if assigned)

  • Painting project touch up
  • Regular floor scrubbing
  • Fixing crates
  • Changing out light bulbs


Pay starts at $8.25/hr. Plus bonuses!

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