Madison West Webcams

So you never feel separated from your pup, we have webcams in every playroom – allowing you to check in on your furry family member and watch them play throughout the day (excludes naptime and overnight). You can easily access our webcams using your computer or smartphone.

What You Might See

As you view the webcams and watch the interactions, you might notice a few things. As is typical with 1st day dogs and those still adjusting to this environment, your pup might spend some time observing the play behaviors. In any new situation, there’s an adjustment period. Watching the actions of their peers, and how the Canine Coach interacts with them will help your pup understand the relationship between human and dog in our open-play environment. By walking the room and giving praise or corrections, the Canine Coach subtly shows the newer dog they mean no harm. This avoids the possibility of overwhelming the new face by being too forward.

We are a positive reinforcement daycare, so praise is vital. This encourages the good behaviors and deters the desire to act out, creating a happier dog. We work on simple commands with the dogs to reinforce their understanding of basic communication. You can watch as they develop their confidence and in turn, they’ll find themselves getting into less mischief at home through their understanding of the difference between appropriate and undesired behavior. Canine Coaches nurture the positive behavior and guide the dogs on their path to appropriate, healthy play. This may involve the occasional crate break or walking them around the room on a slip lead. We encourage activity and use the play equipment to test their knowledge of commands. We play with bubbles too!

If the webcam slows or the image freezes, know that the Wifi might be playing catch-up. We do not turn the cameras off during those open-play hours so you can always keep an eye on your loved one.

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