Dog with Towel on Head

Every pet parent is familiar with the dreaded wet dog smell, and no time of the year is this more noticeable than in the spring.  From the frequent rain showers to the omni-present puddles that your pup loves to trudge through, dogs seem to find every way possible to get wet. Here are 5 tips to help your dog stay as dry as possible and keep them smelling fresh:

Check the Weather

Between 24-hour networks dedicated to the weather to specific apps on our phones, we have more access to frequently updated and accurate climate information than ever before. Based on weather information, try to time your dog’s walks when it’s not likely to rain. This may not be possible when your pup needs to do their business, but for those long walks that allow your dog to walk, run and smell the flowers, they’ll appreciate them more when it’s not raining.

Rain Gear

For those times when your dog does need to brave rainy elements, there are dog ponchos that will fit snugly and comfortably while still allowing them the ability to easily go to the bathroom.  Keep in mind that some dogs may not enjoy wearing a poncho or a rain coat, so try to choose one based on their preferences.

For rainy walks, your dog’s paws can become quite a collector of moisture and mud. If your pup can handle wearing footwear, an investment in some doggie boots or galoshes will also help your dog enjoy walking in the rain. Be sure to add reflective strips to the boots or jacket so your dog can easily be seen in the dark.

Avoid Busy Streets

Main roadways can contribute a lot to how wet your dog gets during their walks. Speeding cars splashing puddles onto the sidewalk can be an irritant for both you and your dog. Try taking them on less busy side streets or for a stroll through a pathway of a nearby park instead.

You may also try going to a dog park when it rains, however, the wet grass could present some problems. If your pup is low to the ground or likes to roll around on the grass, this could get them wet, dirty or muddy very quickly.

Drying Times

There are dog-specific towels that are both quick-drying and hypo-allergenic, allowing you to give your pup a thorough drying after spending time out in the rain. A regular bath towel will also work in a pinch to help dry them off after a soggy walk. Either way, they will enjoy the special attention that comes from being wrapped and rubbed.

A cordless hair dryer can also be a great tool to help keep your dog dry. Just be sure to have it on the coolest, lowest setting possible and keep it far enough away from their delicate skin so they are not harmed by the heat.

The Great Indoors

To reduce the need for your dog to be outside during storms, be sure to have plenty of toys and games that they can play with while inside. Hide-and-seek, tug of war or a simple game of indoor fetch can be an effective way to help them burn off that extra energy.

If you are looking for a place to help your dog get their exercise during the rainy season (or any time of the year), take a look at doggie daycare providers like us here at Dogtopia. Our professionally-trained staff will treat your pup as one of their own and will ensure they have their most exciting day ever while staying completely dry.