Small dog snuggling into pillow

It’s almost time to wrap up another year! Traditionally, this celebration of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another is celebrated with a firework show. Although children may stare at the show in the sky with wide eyes, dogs do not always enjoy the firework tradition as much. Why? Dogs hear loud noises and can get spooked. Just like with the Fourth of July, take a few moments to prepare your home and your dog to keep them safe during a firework show. 

Research Upcoming Local Firework Show Dates and Times 

It is best to be prepared on one of the loudest nights of the year. Many local news stations and social media accounts will begin posting firework schedules closer to New Year’s Eve. Take note of these firework schedules to be knowledgeable about when your dog may need your support or need a little extra love. 

Tucker Your Dog Out Before Festivities Begin 

Before fireworks fill the skies, take your dog on a long walk, play multiple rounds of fetch or allow them to spend the day at Dogtopia with their BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). Allowing your dog to work off extra energy will alleviate some anxiety which may develop due to loud noises and fireworks.  

Dogs who exercise the day before a big event will be less likely to notice loud noises that would normally scare them. Fireworks will fill the evening sky, but by exercising during the day and keeping the television on at night, your dog will likely be too tired to be bothered and will sleep through the celebration and remain calm at home. 

Make Your Dog Feel Safe at Home 

As the sun begins to set on the last day of the year, begin a nighttime routine to keep your pup safe before the booming sounds of fireworks and New Year’s Eve celebrations begin. Many dogs become agitated and anxious once festivities and loud noises begin. Consider their wellbeing and safety and create a safe space for them to feel at peace and comfortable before loud sounds fill the air.

Here’s how: 

First, close and lock all windows and doors in your home. This will keep the sounds outside muffled and keep your dog safe inside your home. Keeping lights on in your home will act as a distraction and will allow your dog to ease their mind by clearly seeing what is going on within the home rather than outside the windows.  

Some dogs like to nestle into a safe space while unknown and loud noises illuminate the skies. Create a safe space filled with their favorite items to feel comfortable. These items should comfort your dog such as their toys, a blanket and their dog bed. Nearby to their bed, set out a clean dish of water and food.  

Distract Your Dog with Common Household Sounds and Toys 

Sometimes, all your dog needs to stay calm is a distraction. Fill your home with familiar sounds such as your air conditioner, portable heater, television or casual music. This will keep your dog’s ears occupied while unknown sounds occur outside.  

Toys are also a great distraction for your dog. Give them a new toy or remind them of their favorite toy to distract their mind from the noises. 

Your Dog is Reading Your Body Language 

As the owner of the home and leader of the pack, your dog will be looking to you on how to react during a noisy night. It is likely your dog will remain more relaxed if you are able to remain less stressed as unknown sounds fill the outside air. Try not to hover over your dog to see how they are acting as this may cause increased agitation. 

One Night Away at Dogtopia 

For many dogs, the sound of fireworks is a scary experience. Holidays that include fireworks often lead to dogs escaping their home. To ensure your dog’s safety, consider scheduling them for an overnight stay at their local Dogtopia. They will spend the evening ringing in the New Year alongside other likeminded dogs under the watchful eye of a caring and knowledgeable team. Have peace of mind as you enter 2023 knowing your furry family member is in a safe and secure environment. To learn more about Dogtopia’s overnight stays, find a Dogtopia near you!