Woman holding brown lab dog

February, the month of love, is almost here! As pet parents, we feel the puppy love every single day. Dogs love us unconditionally and in doing so, add so much love and happiness to our lives. Did you know owning a dog can provide a variety of health benefits to pet owners beyond just feeling good? Learn more about the added health benefits of owning a dog: 

Additional Exercise 

The recommendation of 30 minutes of daily exercise is a simple task for dog owners. Dogs need regular exercise to move their muscles and use their energy. Pet parents participating in walks with their dog or playing a game such as tug of war are allowing their furry family member to regularly exercise while getting in their own daily movement, too. 

Heart Health 

According to a study provided by Heart.com, dog owners are likely to live longer than those who do not own a dog. Most dog owners regularly take their dog on walks along with other forms of exercise, like fetch. This regular exercise promotes heart health and limits the risk of diabetes in humans by one third. Dog ownership is also known to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease while simultaneously lowering heart rate and blood pressure.  

Better Social Skills  

Dogs can encourage pet parents to try new things and meet new people. There is nothing quite like a dog to start a conversation with someone new. While taking your dog out on their walk around the neighborhood or on your favorite trail, your dog may happen to introduce you to others on the same path. Should your dog attract the attention of someone enjoying their daily stroll, say hello and introduce yourself. Not only does this improve your dog’s social skills by meeting new people, but it also strengthens your own social skills, too! 

Improves Overall Health 

According to the CDC and the National Institue of Health, owning a dog improves a human’s life in a variety of ways. Dogs can assist with reducing anxiety, depression, and cholesterol while increasing serotonin levels in the body. By having a canine companion in your life, your overall health will improve. 

Lessons in Love & Loyalty 

A dog is a person’s best friend. They love unconditionally, never lie and are always faithful to their pack. Regardless of how stressful your day was or what mood you are in, dogs are there to be our best friends, cheer us up, maybe make us laugh and will always be loyal. We can learn a variety of lessons from our dogs and their overall outlook on life. 

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