April is National Canine Fitness Month, making it the perfect time to find ways to boost your dog’s physical wellness by adding more fitness and activity into their daily lives. One way to do this is with fun workouts you can do together.

Pet parents with dogs are already more likely to get regular exercise than those without, so let this month be a trial run for finding exercises that both you and your furry family member will enjoy. We’ve put together tips you can try out to spark some inspiration.

Remember, canine fitness does not only pertain to physical fitness—mental fitness is just as important. When your dog is active, they can exhibit better behavior, reduce anxiety levels, keep their brain function sharp, and release happy endorphins. Combine that with the physical benefits staying active brings, like reduced canine obesity, improved cardiovascular fitness, and strengthened joints and muscles, and you have a recipe for a happy and healthy canine companion.


Now that the days are longer and the weather is getting warmer, a hike can be a step up from your daily walks, as there’s more to see and often a greater workout to endure, especially if you’re walking on rougher terrain. Hiking is an excellent cardio workout and a great way to build muscle, both of which contribute to greater overall wellbeing for your pup. It’s always a good idea to build up to longer, more vigorous hikes, especially if your dog is not used to them. Start with shorter distances and go from there to help build stamina.

Before setting out, see if there are dog-friendly trails near you or if there are any requirements you may need to follow when bringing your dog onto a trail. Whether it’s a quick hike or a lengthier one, be prepared with go-to items like treats and extra water for your furry friend.


Yoga is not only enjoyed by humans. “Doga,” also known as dog yoga, can be a less vigorous but still beneficial way to work out with your dog. Plus, it can be a chance to bond and connect with your furry friend in a serene, calming environment.

Doga does not mean your pup will somehow stretch their way into a tree pose beside you. Instead, doga incorporates different stretches that you can do alongside your pup and poses you can include them in. For example, lying beside them in what is called a “child’s pose” or, fittingly, a downward dog pose (which you may see your pup doing on their own) are great starting points.

The popularity of doga classes has grown significantly over the years, and there may even be a class near you! If not, or you would rather stick to at-home doga, there are great exercises available online—follow the poses that work best for you and your pup.


Enriching your dog’s environment with tail-wagging fun activities and exercises can be an excellent way to create opportunities for wellness throughout their day. An agility obstacle course is a great example of this type of activity, as there are so many ways to customize them. If you’re pressed for time, keep things simple by using everyday items around your home that your pup can leap over or weave through. If you do have more time on your hands, go all out with a full obstacle course throughout your home or yard.

Jogging alongside your pup and cheering them on as they go through the agility course is a great way to add spurts of cardio into your day. Depending on your obstacle course set-up, you may even want to follow behind your dog!


There’s no need to be a soccer pro to have fun. Whether in your backyard or on a field, kicking around a soccer ball as you jog or run with your pup beside you is a great exercise to promote coordination and agility for you both. Unlike a game of fetch, where you may remain in one spot, kicking a soccer ball a few feet away can be an excellent opportunity for you and your furry teammate to run after it together. Your pup will be so focused on playing and getting the ball that they won’t even realize they’re getting a great workout.


Maintaining a regular workout regimen for your dog and incorporating the proper exercise they need is not always easy. That is why Dogtopia daycare can be a great way to create consistency in your pup’s routine, so you can have peace of mind that no matter what your schedule looks like, your furry friend’s wellness is covered.

Daycare can strengthen your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing through agility-focused exercises, brain games, chances to bond with other pups, and much more. Plus, our expertly trained Canine Coaches are there to help each dog safely interact and engage during each activity.

Celebrate Canine Fitness Month by adding a trip to daycare to your dog’s schedule at a location near you.

(Photo courtesy of instagram.com/dogtopiaofroseville)