Dog wearing green costume behind a green backdrop with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

Finding a healthy dog treat doesn’t have to be as challenging as finding a four-leaf clover! To honor St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve curated a list of delicious and nutritious treats for your pup to enjoy so you can celebrate the day on theme with all things green.


While a delicious shamrock shake can be a festive treat for humans, there is a much better alternative that is safe for your pup and without added sugars and dyes. By creating your version of a shamrock shake with the icon green color and minty taste, you can include nutritious ingredients that add to your dog’s healthy diet.

For this recipe, you will need unsweetened oat milk (or another milk alternative), plain Greek yogurt (with no added sweetener), frozen fruit your pup enjoys the most, spinach (for that green color), and one or two mint leaves. You can make this shake just like you would a regular smoothie for yourself—blend until smooth and give to your pup to enjoy!

We recommend serving a small portion to your dog, as these ingredients are best enjoyed occasionally. Please check with your vet before introducing your pup to new foods.


Many healthy vegetables are already green, making St. Patrick’s Day a fantastic time to add extra veggies to your dog’s diet and see what they like best. From broccoli and spinach to green beans and cucumber, there is an array to choose from with incredible nutritional benefits. We put together a list of dog-safe greens for your pup to enjoy.


To keep on theme with the day, green apples are a great ingredient to add with other naturally green produce to make this frozen, breath-refreshing treat. This recipe calls for a green apple, mint, parsley, and coconut water (or plain water, if desired). After blending all the ingredients, pour into a silicone mold (clover-shaped would be a nice touch) or ice cube tray. Apples are an excellent source of fiber and several vitamins and antioxidants, while mint and parsley are natural breath fresheners.

If your pup enjoys this treat, it can be a tasty go-to in the summertime, when they will greatly appreciate a frozen, hydrating snack!

Please note that if you plan on making several minty recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, be mindful of how many mint leaves you use. Exceeding a couple of plain mint leaves a day could lead to digestive troubles. Also, avoid peppermint oil as an alternative, as it is toxic for dogs to consume.


Are you in a baking mood? These spinach and cheese dog treats are a great choice! Not only are they quick to make, but you can use St. Patrick’s Day-themed cookie cutters to add a festive touch. While there is cheese in this recipe, it is always important to remember to give it in moderation due to its higher fat count.

We hope one of these recipes is the pot of gold at the end of your pup’s rainbow! For more recipe inspiration, check out our other nutrition blogs here.

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