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Spring often brings feelings of renewal and a desire to clean and refresh your surroundings.  However, it’s not just humans who can benefit from a refresh; our furry companions can, too. Below are some ways to get started on spring cleaning for your dog as you both prepare for the season ahead.


How is your dog’s toy situation? It may feel like an ever-growing pile, or you may be at the point where you’re unsure what your pup still likes and uses. Spring is a good a time to start “keep” and “throw-away” piles to assess what’s usable and what has been chewed to the point of no return. Once you know what you want to keep, only leave a certain number of toys out for your dog to enjoy and rotate the others. Rather than having all their toys out all the time, switching them out every so often can keep them novel to your pup, which makes them even more exciting to play with if they haven’t done so in a couple of months. It can also limit the need to buy new toys—a win-win.

And once you’ve decided on the toys to keep, give them a rinse and wash. Regularly washing your dog’s toys keeps them fresh and limits unwanted dirt and germs. Freshening up your dog’s toys can also look like swapping out certain ones for more mind-stimulating options. Creating an enriching indoor environment is an excellent way to maintain your pup’s wellness, and toys are a great place to start. Begin the new season with new ways to keep your furry friend’s mind active and problem-solving skills strengthened.


Start your spring cleaning with a hygiene routine for your furry family member. Keeping up with your dog’s hygiene is essential to their health and wellbeing, but a busy schedule or a pup who’s anxious around bath time can often lead to poor hygiene habits. The messy spring season is a good time to create a routine that your furry companion can stick to, such as a regular teeth cleaning, bath time, nail trims, and more. The result? A healthier dog that looks and feels their best.

If your dog is skittish during baths or you don’t want to create a mess at home, bring your pup to your local Dogtopia spa. Our team of professionals will provide the treatments necessary to help your dog look, feel and smell like a million bones. Our modern yet comfortable environment allows those pups who may feel uneasy about bath time to remain calm, as our team is trained to interact with dogs of all sizes, breeds, and comfort levels. Find a location near you to let the pampering begin!

We also have several spa products you can use at home to add to your pup’s hygiene routine to make the experience more enjoyable and efficient. Visit our Dogtopia Shop for all our spa items you can use in the comfort of your home.


If tidying up around your home is part of your spring cleaning plans, don’t forget to include your pup’s most frequented areas—their bed and water/food bowls.

Assess the state of your dog’s bedding and determine whether it still offers a cushiony space or if it’s time to replace it. If things are still in good shape, remove any stuck-on fur and throw it in the wash. It is also a good time to spot-treat any stubborn stains on their bedding, so it comes out of the wash looking new. A bio-enzymatic stain remover is great for this and is a safe, effective product that can also help remove odors. While you’re at it, make sure to give some attention to your dog’s leash, collar, and harness. Depending on the material, you may be able to add these items to your washing machine or give a simple hand washing to give them a nice refresh. A good rule of thumb to follow: every time your dog gets a bath, make sure their accessories do too!

Your dog’s water and food bowls are often full of bacteria without you even realizing it. In the spirit of spring cleaning, regularly clean out their bowls and replace them if you notice any small cracks. Frequently changing their water bowl can also help eliminate bacteria from entering your pup’s mouth, which can help maintain their oral hygiene.


Do you still have treats your pup doesn’t like anymore or are past their expiration date? Free up some space by replacing them with options that will get their tail wagging again.

Speaking of treats, spring cleaning can also look like cleaning up your dog’s diet. There are many healthier treat options that you can implement into their diet to control their weight and help them feel good with every bite.


Spring is often a time for seasonal allergies—humans and dogs included. If your dog spends more time in your yard as the weather gets nicer, assessing the area is a good idea. Be sure to check for any shrubs or weeds that can be removed, as they can often hold pollen, which can be a potential allergen for your pup. Other common allergens include mold spores, ragweed, certain grass, and more. These can leave your dog itchy and irritated after outdoor play. And while you’re clearing the yard, be sure to remove any tall blades of grass that ticks love to hide in. A general sweep of the area where your pup plays is recommended.

If you’d like to limit your pup’s exposure to outside hazards and unpredictable weather this spring, treat them to Dogtopia daycare! Our supervised, clean and climate-controlled playrooms are the perfect temperature, no matter the weather outside. Contact your nearest location to learn more.

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