Doggies Lying in Playroom

Are you worried that sending your dog to indoor playdates at Dogtopia will undo all the progress you’ve made with housetraining? Don’t be. Housebroken dogs will not regress at Dogtopia, thanks to our specialized flooring.

Our indoor facility is like park; it has the same kind of smells and textures. Even though your dog is inside, they believe themselves to be outside.

Our special compressed rubber flooring, which has been used at Dogtopia for over 12 years, is similar to the flooring used in many high-end daycares and offers excellent sanitation. If your dog pees on your kitchen floor and that spot retains the odour, chances are he will pee there again. Our flooring resists smells, and our certified team members always clean messes immediately to make sure the play area is sanitized and to minimize the spread of parasites that are in feces. Our high tech HVAC system sucks away pesky odors and circulates fresh air into the room.

Also, our rubberized flooring is much better for the long term health of our guests’ pads and joints compared to outdoor parks that have gravel and cement.

Adding indoor play at Dogtopia to your pooch’s schedule and enjoy a tired, happy dog at the end of the day! Learn more about doggy daycare.