Spotted Pup

Moving day can be a tense time for everyone, including your dog. Between all of the boxes everywhere, the new smells and the organized (or unorganized) chaos, your pup will feel a surprising amount of stress. To avoid having your dog fret too much, here are some tips to ensure your moving day goes as smoothly as possible for them.

Pack Early

Once you know that you are officially moving, start getting your dog used to the idea that you will be packing up all of your stuff in boxes. If you start the packing process the day before you move, your pup will be confused by all the activity and strange new smell of cardboard. If you pack one box a day for a couple of weeks, they will gradually get used to the activity.

When it comes to your dog’s mood and demeanor, they will take their cues from you. If you are calm throughout the packing and moving process, they will stay calm as well. If you are panicking and talking in stressed tones, they will know that something is wrong.

Keep Up Routines

As the pandemonium of moving day approaches, there may be times when your dog’s schedule will need to be re-arranged. Try to avoid changing their routine whenever possible.  Try to ensure they are fed per their normal routine and that their walks are at the same time as usual.

Dogs are creatures of habit. If pet parents change any part of their daily routine, pups are going to notice. During the time around moving day, there is going to be a sense of upheaval. Tired dogs are happy dogs, so keep up with their walks and regular exercise.

Packing Their Stuff

Once moving day arrives, be sure to move your dog’s familiar things last. Your dog already knows something is happening and once they see their bed, feeding dish and favorite toys moved, their stress level could become even higher. So, leave as much of their things until the very end of the move if possible.

Resist the temptation to wash all of their bedding before you move. The more that their items retain their familiar smell, the more comfortable and soothed they will feel when they are in their new home.

New Home

Once your pup has arrived to your new home, it is important to make them feel comfortable right away. Getting out those items you packed last like their bed, dish and toys will let them know that they can feel comfortable in this strange new place.

Once you move into the new home, avoid any new stressors. If your dog doesn’t particularly like getting brushed or taking a bath, don’t do those things in the first couple of days upon arriving at your new home. Your dog will appreciate the time to get acclimated to their new place without any other worries.

We Can Help

Overall, dogs are resistant to change. Unfortunately, moving is an unavoidable fact of life for most of us. The key is to make the day as easy as possible for your pup. If you are worried that the stress of moving day could be too much for your pup, you can always leave them at your nearby Dogtopia location for the day. We will keep them happy, safe and occupied as you settle in at your new home.