Black Dog Hiding in Grass

Are you living with a canine lawnmower? For some dog owners, their beloved pet will dine on the grass around their house or in the nearby dog park like it’s their favorite snack. Some dogs will then throw up that freshly eaten grass. No one is quite sure why certain pups adopt this habit, but here are some clues to look out for.

They Are Already Feeling Unwell

Some experts believe dogs like to eat grass because they are experiencing stomach pains. The theory is that the green stuff can cleanse their system like a natural antacid. However, in reality, what eating grass does for most dogs is that it simply makes them throw up, an experience that isn’t fun for them or dog parents.

One way to determine if stomach issues are the reason behind their grass eating is by tracking frequency. If they are doing it every day, the issue may not be related to their stomach at all. If they do it only sporadically or after eating something new, the cause may indeed be tummy-related.

Their Diet Is Lacking

Another possible reason for your dog to eat grass is that they are missing specific nutrients their body needs. This issue may come up if you have recently switched their dog food and the new brand may be lacking the fiber they need.

Just like us, a dog’s digestive system needs different types of nutrients, from protein to fiber, in order to stay healthy. If your pup’s food is not providing them with enough fiber, they will be craving an increase of substance which may explain their grass-eating tendencies. To avoid this, make sure the dog food you buy does not contain filler but includes enough age and size-specific portions of the vitamins and minerals they need.

Playing games that stimulate your dog’s mind are a great way to keep them entertained while inside. A great game to play involves hiding treats in a muffin tin and covering the treats with tennis balls so your dog has to search for them.

They Are Bored

Whether it’s long walks, some fun play time or simple cuddles on the couch, your pup likes to have your attention. If they are feeling neglected, they will look for any way to grab your focus like a misbehaving child. If they already know you do not like them eating grass, they may do so just to get your attention.

If your dog is most likely to eat your grass when hanging out in your yard, be sure to play interactive games with them while out there. As well, a sturdy, dog-safe chew toy will be a good addition to their outdoor toys to help keep their focus away from chomping down on your grass.

Is It Dangerous?

Overall, providing the grass they are eating isn’t sprayed with pesticide or other chemicals, eating the green stuff isn’t necessarily harmful for your dog. However, if your pup likes to dine on your lawn a lot, it may be a symptom of something else. To be safe, always check with your vet when it comes to any possible health issues with your dog.