Every pet parent knows that a healthy, well-socialized pup is a happy pup. While we’d all love to spend every moment with our furry friends, the demands of daily life can make this a challenge. That’s where Dogtopia daycare comes to the rescue—offering a safe haven where dogs can spend their day frolicking with friends, getting plenty of exercise, and having the time of their lives. If you’ve been considering daycare for your dog, here’s a look into a typical day at Dogtopia…  

Morning Romp & Play 

The day starts early at Dogtopia, and as soon as the doors swing open, we welcome a flurry of eager tails and happy barks. The morning romp and play session is a burst of energy, where dogs of similar size and play styles come together for some off-leash fun in their respective playrooms. It’s a pup playground where BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever) are made, brain games are played, and tails never stop wagging.  

Safety is always at the forefront in our playrooms. Our floors are specially designed with compressed rubber, which is soft, comfortable on dogs’ joints, and makes for happy paws and pups. Dogtopia’s trained and certified Canine Coaches closely supervise each playroom to ensure safety and compatibility among the dogs. They also have a keen eye for dog body language and intervene if play gets too rough or if any pup needs a breather.  


From noon to 2 p.m., each dog is provided some much-needed “me” time in a home-style crate so they don’t get overstimulated in exciting environments like the playroom. During this time, we also provide lunches and/or administer medications when applicable. We also use this time to proactively clean each playroom before an afternoon of play!   

Afternoon Play & Enrichment Activities 

Once everyone is well-rested, it’s time for some afternoon enrichment activities. These activities can look like agility exercises, Follow the Leader, and puzzle toys, and are aimed to improve behavior and keep dogs engaged.  

There’s also one more open-play session for the pups to enjoy before their pet parents return. This is a more relaxed and controlled playtime, allowing the dogs to expend any remaining energy.  

Want to watch all the fun? You can easily check in on your furry family member throughout the day (except during naptime) via our playroom webcams using your computer or smartphone.  

Evening Pickup and Report Card 

As the sun sets, it’s time for the pet parents to reunite with their beloved companions. Dogtopia provides a report card detailing their dog’s activities and behavior throughout the day, and pet parents pick up a happily played-out pup. 

A day at Dogtopia daycare is exactly what your dog would ask for if they could. From the morning romp and play sessions to afternoon enrichment activities, dogs at Dogtopia experience a day filled with safe socialization, exercise, education, and fun.  

Give your pup the Most Exciting Day Ever every week by enrolling them in daycare! Find a location near you at dogtopia.com/locations.