Three dogs inside a Dogtopia playroom

Dog daycare isn’t just fun and games! It’s a great place for dogs to learn positive behavior, practice their skills, get out all their energy, and learn how to be in a new environment with new people and other dogs, ultimately reducing separation anxiety. Dogtopia’s environment was designed with dogs’ wants and needs in mind, and our caring team will make sure your dog always has the Most Exciting Day Ever while in our care. Learn more about the benefits of Dogtopia and how regular attendance at our dog daycare can improve your dog’s quality of life (and yours, too!).  

Improves Socialization 

All dogs at Dogtopia must successfully pass a Meet & Greet evaluation. This way, we can make sure they are comfortable in our open-play environment and up to date on all required vaccinations. Pet parents can have peace of mind knowing their dog is playing with other like-minded dogs. Once in the playroom, dogs will start to get the lay of the land and introduce themselves to the other dogs around them. We guarantee they will make friends and find plenty of BFFFs (Best Furry Friends Forever). Even if you have a shy dog, regular daycare can help bring them out of their shell and become more comfortable around new dogs and new people. 

Introduces Dogs to New Environments 

Regular attendance at daycare can help dogs find their confidence, which in turn allows them to be comfortable in new environments. Often, the reason a dog is nervous or anxious is because they are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Think of it like a new kid at a new school—the more time they spend there, the more comfortable they become. Dogs are just like children, and with a little bit of time and patience, they will realize being away from mom or dad at daycare is actually really fun! 

Provides a Safe Place for Dogs to Play 

One of our highly trained Canine Coaches will always be in the playroom to supervise the dogs playing. Canine Coaches undergo extensive training to learn and prepare for a variety of situations within the playrooms. The team is well-versed in dog body language, safe play, positive reinforcement techniques, and so much more. While your dog is spending the day at Dogtopia, you can find comfort in that your dog is receiving extra love from our Canine Coaches in your absence! 

Plus, while at Dogtopia, dogs play on rubberized flooring, which was specifically picked to ease dogs’ joints and paws. Dogtopia’s playrooms were designed to keep dogs safe while allowing them to play the day away in a safe manner! 

Reduces Anxiety 

Separation anxiety is a normal emotion for dogs who are not adjusted to spending time away from their parents. Dogs may display anxiety with a variety of signs and symptoms, such as increased barking or reactivity of any kind, aggression, chewing, increased personal grooming, onset of destructive behaviors, drooling, panting, or urinating in the house.  

When you leave home without your dog, they should understand you will return to give them attention without the concern of being left behind. Dog daycare at Dogtopia is a great way for your pup to get out of the house and learn that spending time away from mom or dad isn’t so bad. The more frequent their visits to daycare, the faster they’ll adjust and the less likely they’ll be to exhibit anxious behavior.  

When dogs become regular daycare attendees, social anxiety is reduced because pups understand Dogtopia is a place for playing with their friends and their parents will always return for them! 

Play In Any Weather Condition 

Can’t go for a walk around the neighborhood because of the weather? Our indoor playrooms are always the perfect temperature. 

Dogtopia is a great way to maintain your dog’s exercise schedule regardless of sun, rain, or even snow! If you live in an area with extreme or inconsistent weather conditions, bringing your dog to Dogtopia allows your dog to stick to a routine full of playtime and exercise regardless of the weather outside. With temperature-controlled playrooms, dogs will always feel cool and comfortable. 

A Home Away From Home 

When your dog attends daycare on a regular basis, they will understand that daycare is where they play with their BFFFs, and their parents will be back soon to pick them up!

Did you know that having your dog spend time at daycare gets them ready for an overnight stay? Sometimes, dogs find themselves a little bit uncomfortable and anxious when spending the night in a new place, especially away from their parents. When your dog attends daycare regularly, they will get to know their surroundings and feel more comfortable with more exposure. Plus, they’ll associate time spent at Dogtopia as fun and exciting. So, whether your dog is spending the day or a longer duration of time while you’re on vacation, Dogtopia is a comfortable environment for them and their home away from home. 

To get all pups ready to spend the night, Dogtopia recommends dogs come to play at daycare for a minimum of three days before any overnight stay. This eliminates the anxiety around going to a “new” place and allows the dog to feel happy, safe, and comfortable. 

Pups enjoy spending time with their BFFFs, and soon they’ll be begging to go back to Dogtopia! Do you think your dog would enjoy daycare at Dogtopia? Find a location near you by clicking here!