Dogtopia Canine Coach petting two dogs inside playroom

Dogtopia provides a variety of benefits for dogs at daycare. By socializing alongside other daycare dogs, exercising their bodies and minds, and learning new positive behaviors they can show off at home, Dogtopia ensures dogs are learning a variety of skills they can take anywhere! Are you curious if your dog would enjoy and benefit from Dogtopia daycare? Check out the list below to see if your furry family member is a good fit. They may be destined to be a Dogtopia dog! 

Your dog enjoys meeting other likeminded canine companions while on neighborhood walks. 

Your dog is friendly and likes to meet up with other kind dogs in your area. Dogtopia dogs all partake in a Meet & Greet evaluation prior to their time at daycare to ensure they will get along with the other dogs during playtime. If your dog enjoys socializing with the dogs they see on their walks, they will absolutely love spending the day with a variety of new friends. Who knows – they might meet their new BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever)! 

You have an energetic dog who is always on the move. 

Your dog is always on the go and ready for their next adventure of the day. On average, Dogtopia dogs walk upwards of 30,000 steps per day at daycare versus less than 10,000 steps a day at home. Energetic dogs enjoy Dogtopia because they can utilize all their energy in one place. After a long day of play, pet parents will enjoy watching their tuckered-out pup savor in what we like to call the Dogtopia Daze while they rest up at home from The Most Exciting Day Ever! 

Your dog likes to “talk” to everyone they meet on simple, everyday errands or restaurant visits. 

Your dog enjoys being social and saying hello to other dogs and people in the neighborhood but becomes overly excited and may benefit from learning better manners for public settings. Dogtopia allows dogs to prioritize their socialization skills by spending the day in a comfortable and safe environment with a variety of dogs and Canine Coaches who keep playtime safe and fun for all! 

Additionally, by spending the day at Dogtopia, your dog will be ready to slow down for a relaxing night after daycare. Bringing your dog to Dogtopia before an evening in a new environment may keep your dog’s potential social anxiety low as they unwind after their busy day at daycare. 

Your dog’s favorite place is their bed, and they could use a little more exercise. 

Does your dog enjoy spending the day in their bed, dreaming the day away? It has been proven that dogs who receive regular exercise live longer and have less health problems. Who doesn’t want their dog to live longer? Dogtopia is a great option for dogs who need to add additional exercise to their daily routine and get out of the house a little more.  

At daycare, dogs are always on the move while making new friends, but at Dogtopia, we understand that rest is just as important as play. Your dog will still receive their afternoon nap as the playrooms will settle down for a daily nap from 12pm until 2pm. This is also the dogs can eat their lunch or receive medication, if applicable. When the clock strikes 2pm, dogs are ready for an afternoon of play after a little bit of downtime! 

Your dog misses you when you leave the house and often waits for you to come home. 

Many dogs, especially pandemic puppies, experience anxiety when their owners leave the house. Your dog may show you they are experiencing stress by chewing objects they normally would leave alone, relieving themselves in an incorrect area, or panting uncontrollably. 

When your dog spends the day at Dogtopia, they will not be alone. They are with other Dogtopia dogs along with well trained, certified Canine Coaches who will ensure they are having fun while in our care. With regular daycare, a dog’s separation anxiety will decrease as they learn you are always going to come back for them and they learn to become comfortable in new environments. If you miss them a little too much, you can always join in on the fun by watching them play with their daycare friends on our live webcams! 

Does this sound like your dog? 

Whether your dog is already a social butterfly or one who prefers to hang out on the sidelines, we’re here to help show them what Dogtopia is all about and make sure they are comfortable in our open-play environment. Ready to get your dog into daycare so they can enjoy all the benefits Dogtopia has to offer? Find a location near you so, your dog can meet their BFFFs and have The Most Exciting Day Ever today!