Dogs want to serve a purpose and excel in making their pet parents proud. How can they do that? By becoming the best canine citizens they can be. Through a life of regular exercise, socialization and learning new things on a consistent basis, you’re keeping your pup happy, fulfilled and engaged.

When a dog attends Dogtopia daycare, they are putting in the “work” to become the best canine citizen they can be alongside other pups in a safe, clean and fun environment. Dogtopia daycare allows pups to better their physical and mental health, improve their composure in energetic environments, and learn additional basic commands along the way. Daycare is an excellent way to give your dog a purpose.   

Dogs love to “work” and it is good for them, too! Below are a handful of reasons how your dog may benefit from working their body and mind: 

  1. Tires your dog: By regularly utilizing their energy, the better they will feel and the healthier they will be! 
  2. Challenges body and mind: Dogs benefit from activities that stimulate them. Providing a challenge will not only get their mind working, but their bodies, too! 
  3. Creates a strong bond: By participating in events and activities together, the bond between human and dog gets stronger. 
  4. Relieves anxiety: If a dog has nothing to do, they may become bored which may turn into anxiety. A dog with direction and regular tasks will not be as anxious (or bored) as a dog without regular activity and “work”. 
  5. Less likely to misbehave: A distracted dog may be inclined to get involved in activities not suited for pups. If a dog has tasks in mind and gets tired, they will be less likely to get into mischief. 
  6. Overall health and wellness: Dogs who “work” are more likely to remain healthier and in better shape than pups who spend all day snoozing on the couch at home.  

August 5th is known as Work Like a Dog Day. This special day was inspired by service dogs and their dedication toward going the extra mile and becoming the best canine citizens for themselves, their pet parents, and humanity. 

In celebration of Work Like a Dog Day, here are a few ways your pup can “work” (but really play) like a dog while becoming a well-rounded pup! 

  1. Go for a walk: Walking allows a dog to smell, play, exercise, and keep their pet parent company. While on a walk, it is a dog’s purpose to assist their pet parent while also working on their fitness. Long walks are usually followed by long naps to rest their bodies until the next exciting event of the day occurs. 
  2. Teach your dog a new skill: Dogs love to learn because they enjoy “working”. According to the American Psychological Association, the average dog can learn up to 165 words. As they are referred to in the article, “Super Dogs,” can learn up to 250 words. By teaching your dog a new word or skill, you are allowing your dog to feel as though they are contributing or working. 
  3. Play a brain game: A brain game allows your dog to put their mind to the test. Brain games test your dog’s ability to problem solve and achieve the tasty treats as a reward once located. By testing your pup’s problem-solving knowledge, you are putting their mind to work! 
  4. Play fetch: When the weather is nice, play a game of fetch with your dog! Not only will they work hard by bringing the thrown object back to you for another round of fetch, but they will also learn the important skill of returning an object back to their owner. This skill could also be useful for other household objects which may not be their own to keep. 
  5. A day of play at Dogtopia daycare: If your dog needs to get out of the house and needs more exercise or could use a few furry friends, a day of Dogtopia daycare is just what they need! Dogtopia dogs will spend their day enjoying socialization, education, and exercise with other like-minded dogs.  
  6. Get involved in the Dogtopia Foundation: The Dogtopia Foundation enables dogs to positively change our world and one of the Foundation’s three pillars is supporting training for service dogs for veterans. Service dogs put in work every day to make the lives of veterans and those who lean on a companion easier and much less stressful. Learn more about the Dogtopia Foundation, its impact, the service dogs our daycares have sponsored, and how to get involved by clicking here.  

All of this “work” is really play for Dogtopia dogs! How do you plan to put your dog to work on this year’s Work Like a Dog Day? 

Interested in putting your dog to “work” at Dogtopia daycare? Find a daycare near you by clicking here.