Dog with American flag in mouth for Fourth of July

It’s almost time to bring out the red, white, and blue and plan those summertime barbeques! Fourth of July is almost here and along with celebrating comes the importance of celebrating safely. In addition to keeping your kids and loved ones safe, here are a few reminders to keep your furry family members calm and comfortable on a night full of fireworks and festivities! 

Research Local Firework Schedules

Once the sun goes down on the Fourth of July, fireworks will fill the sky. Look for your local firework schedules online so you can plan and recognize exactly when the loud noises will begin filling the air just after sunset. If your dog is easily spooked, it is best to make plans to keep them feeling safe and secure on a night that can be frightening for dogs. 

Extra Play During the Day 

Allowing your pup to receive extra play during the day will tucker them out at night. Especially when an evening is sure to be stressful for our dogs, it is best to add in a little bit of extra exercise to allow them to feel calm and sleepy. By adding extra movement into your dog’s schedule before a loud night, they will be relaxed and ready for bed once the sun sets or even sooner!  

Exercise during the day can include: 

  • A long walk 
  • A game of fetch 
  • Brain games or other toys that allow your put to be engaged for a longer duration of time 
  • KONG filled with a dog-friendly treat 
  • Dog food in a rolled-up towel 
  • A day of play at Dogtopia daycare

Create a Comfy Indoor Safe Space  

Before the night begins, secure all windows and close all curtains to hush the sound of the fireworks as much as possible. Dogs will seek a place to hide in moments of panic or the commencement of loud noises. Help create this area before the Fourth of July fireworks begin so your dog is aware of their surroundings and feels comfortable locating and being in their safe space.

Pro Tip: keep your pup’s water and food dishes in proximity to their safe space for easy access. 

Distractions & Diversions 

As the night sky begins to fill with colorful firework displays, distract your pup from listening to the booming sounds with sounds they will normally hear around the house. Turn on the television or music regularly heard in the home. Dogs have very sensitive ears, so there is no need to turn the volume up to an irregularly high level.  

In addition to the television or music, try these distractions to keep your pup calm: 

  • White noise machine 
  • Run your dishwasher 
  • Turn on your air conditioner 
  • Start your washer/dryer 
  • Turn on a fan (ceiling or floor) 

Remain Cool, Calm & Collected 

Your dog will read your body language and energy. As the leader of the house and pack, your dog will look to you on how to react to any unusual situations. When fireworks start to pop, react calmly. Refrain from frequently checking on your pup or quieting their yips as this may increase their anxiety and cause them to become flustered. 

Remove Your Pup from the Situation 

Fourth of July is one of the most nerve-wracking nights for dogs, which also leads to frequent escapes. If you are concerned about your dog’s anxiety during a potentially loud night, consider your local Dogtopia for all boarding and overnight necessities.  

Your dog will spend the night with other like-minded dogs focusing on their socialization skills in a comfortable and safe environment while you celebrate the holiday. You can have peace of mind they will be content even on such a hectic night. It’s a win-win! 

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