Girl holding a dachshund

As humans, we have several solutions to bad breath: toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, mints, but what about dogs? You love your pup and his or her kisses, but sometimes your dog’s breath isn’t exactly the most pleasant. Don’t fret, as there are several fixes to combat your doggie’s bad breath:

Brush their teeth. We brush our teeth multiple times a day, so it seems only natural that your pup should get good cleaning too from time to time. There are several pet-friendly toothpaste options available, as well as special brushes that can help make the process easier for both you and your furry friend. Since dogs swallow toothpaste, be sure to find one that is safe for ingestion. Enzymatic type tooth pastes break down the structure of tarter for fresh, clean breath, and is safe to ingest.

Give your pup something to chew on. Chewing is a natural way for your dog to clean their teeth. Chewing helps keep the tartar and plaque from building up and can help to prevent gum disease, all of which contribute to smelly breath. Plus, safe chew toys can entertain your pups – a win-win for fresh-breath and playtime.

Change your dog’s water frequently. It’s important that your dog has fresh, clean water every day.  If your pup is a heavy drooler, you may want to change his or her water two to three times a day. Make sure to wipe the water bowl clean to avoid any gunk or buildup.

There are several breath refreshers that are safe for your pup including dental chew treats or doggie mouthwash, which can likely be found at your veterinary office or local pet store. Of course, consult with your vet to make sure they’re the right fit for your furry friend.

There are also several at-home remedies that can help combat bad doggie breath. In fact, you can try sprinkling some parsley onto their food, as parsley is a natural and safe breath refresher.

It’s important to continuously monitor your pup’s dental health and what they eat, because in some cases, bad breath can be a sign of something more serious and might require a trip to the vet for a proper diagnosis. Abnormal signs including red gums, broken teeth and a severe tartar buildup could mean a trip to the vet.

Goodbye bad breath, and hello extra doggie kisses with these fresh-breath tips and tricks!