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Keeping your dog cool and hydrated during the summer months is incredibly important to prevent them from overheating. While shade and plenty of water are essential, particularly when they’re outside, making frozen dog treats for them to enjoy in moderation can also help regulate your pup’s internal temperature and provide a tasty, refreshing snack.

Here are some recipes you can try this season to keep your furry family member cool and happy. Remember to always get the green light from your vet before introducing new foods into your dog’s diet and serve in moderation.


Even if chicken and/or beef broth is already a staple in your dog’s diet, frozen broth can be an easy, nutritious treat in the summer. Plus, it’s easy to prepare ahead of time and keep in your freezer.

How to make it: Pour low-sodium chicken/beef broth into an ice cube tray or fun-shaped mold and freeze until the broth turns solid. For added flavor, you can also mix in peanut butter and parsley before you freeze.

Always double-check the broth’s ingredients, as you want to avoid any ingredients or additives (e.g., garlic, onion, etc.) that are not safe for your pup.


If you’ve been trying to add extra fruit to your pup’s diet, this is a great way to do it! There are several dog-safe fruits that are packed with nutrients, making this a healthy treat.

Summer is a great opportunity to serve fruit in season, such as pineapple, strawberries, mango, watermelon, blueberries, and peaches. Each is a great source of vitamins, such as vitamin C, and is super-hydrating.

The best part of this treat is that you can customize your dog’s fruit salad to their preferences. If you are purchasing frozen fruit, be sure to check the ingredient list to ensure there is no added sugar or other additives.

Tips when freezing fruit:

  • Wash and dry the fruit well before freezing, as moisture can cause the fruit to clump together.
  • Add the fruit to a sealable freezer bag and remove as much air as you can to avoid crystallization.
  • Remove any cores, pits, and/or seeds and cut into bite-sized portions before freezing.

Learn more about what fruits (and veggies) are safe for dogs to eat here.

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Want to sneak more veggies into your dog’s diet? These orange treats are an excellent source of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C, and more. While you might easily find carrots at the grocery store, pumpkin is considered a winter squash, so you may need to opt for a canned option. If you do, make sure there are no added ingredients like sugar and spices—plain is the way to go. You can also opt for plain and peeled sweet potato, which is highly nutritious.

How to make it: Add your plain pumpkin puree and carrots to a blender. Blend until smooth, then pour the mixture into a freezer-safe mold or ice tray. After a few hours, you’ll have a bright, nutritious treat ready for your pup to enjoy. More recipe details are available here.


Pupsicles are a dog-friendly take on popsicles—a summer favorite! Treat your pup to this sweet peanut butter and pumpkin delight—that also doubles as an extended enrichment activity.

How to make it: Blend plain, xylitol-free peanut butter, plain canned pumpkin, and unsweetened applesauce. Once smooth, spoon a layer of the mixture into a KONG, drop in a few dog treats or kibble, and continue to add layers until the KONG is filled. Then put the KONG in the freezer until frozen.

Click here to see the full recipe.


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